Biology Minor

Students of any major can pursue a minor in biology, developing abilities that are highly valued in a variety of career paths. You’ll learn about basic chemical principles, plant and animal anatomy and physiology, cell division, and reactions and products of photosynthesis, along with many other foundational skills. You’ll then choose from advanced courses that will help you hone your research skills and learn to solve challenging problems in the classroom and the lab.

For specifics on the biology minor, including a course list, visit John Carroll’s Undergraduate Bulletin.

Interdisciplinary Concentrations

Studies in biology play an important role in three interdisciplinary concentrations, which students can take along with a major at John Carroll: Environmental Studies, which helps students learn to understand and solve environmental problems; Neuroscience, for biology, chemistry, and psychology majors interested in studying the brain and nervous system; and Population and Public Health, which helps prepare students to be leaders in improving the health of communities.