CEddy_smCameron Eddy, Anthony Lab
Office:  W311
Phone: 216.397.1569
Email: ceddy16@jcu.edu
I earned a B.S. from Allegheny College in 2012 with a double major in Biology and Environmental Science and a minor in German. My undergraduate thesis focused on eavesdropping in a non-social species. I spent the past year doing field research around North America and am starting a Master’s here this fall.  For my Master’s thesis, I will be working in Dr. Anthony’s lab studying salamanders.

SONY DSCMeaghan Gade, Saporito Lab
Office: W112
Phone: 216.397.6207
Email: mgade16@jcu.edu
I received a B.S. degree in Zoology, Conservation and Biodiversity from Auburn University in 2013. I will be working in Dr. Ralph Saporito’s lab, researching female mate choice in the strawberry poison frog, Oophaga pumilio.


Maria_smMaria Iannucci, Drenovsky Lab
Office: W239
Phone: 216.397.1720
Email: miannucciclerget15@jcu.edu
I received my M.S.E. in Life Science from Kent State University in 2010, and I worked as a high school science teacher before coming to John Carroll. I work in Dr. Drenovsky’s lab, and my research focuses on invasive aquatic plants. My primary research site is along the Russian River in California.

Anjali_smAnjali Karunatt, Johnson Lab
Office:  W342
Email: akarunatt15@jcu.edu
I graduated with a degree in Microbiology and Zoology from M.G. University in India.  I will be working in Dr. Johnson’s lab on the role of interferons in immune function.



Sagarin_smKathleen Sagarin, Sheil Lab
Office: W341
Email: ksagarin16@jcu.edu
I graduated in 2012 from McGill University with a BSc. in Biology and a minor in Geology. I’m interested in studying turtle phylogenetics with Dr. Sheil.



julie ziemba - jcuprofile-smJulie Ziemba, Anthony Lab
Office:  W112
Phone: 216.397.6207
Email: jziemba09@jcu.edu
I completed my B.S. in Biology at John Carroll University in 2009. Following graduation, I worked as a project assistant for a Lyme disease ecology lab at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY. My thesis research will examine interactions between Plethodon cinereus and invasive earthworms.