Full-time Faculty

  • Carl D. Anthony
    Area of expertise: Behavioral ecology, Evolution, Herpetology (especially kin selection, cannibalism, competition, life history evolution)
  • Rebecca E. Drenovsky
    Area of expertise: Plant physiology and ecology, with an emphasis on plant-soil interactions
  • Jeffrey R. Johansen
    Area of expertise: Phycological research, including diatoms as water quality indicators, cyanobacterial systematics, and floristics of terrestrial algae
  • Erin E. Johnson
    Area of expertise: Regulation of iron metabolism and infectious disease
  • James L. Lissemore
    Area of expertise: Molecular genetics, Genetics
  • Michael P. Martin
    Area of expertise: Regulation of transcription and protein-DNA interactions
  • Ralph A. Saporito
    Area of expertise: Chemical Ecology, Tropical Ecology, and Amphibian Biology, with an emphasis on predator-prey interactions and aposematism
  • Christopher A. Sheil
    Area of expertise: Systematic herpetology, Skeletal morphology, and Evolutionary development
  • Pamela J. Vanderzalm
    Area of expertise: Developmental Biology with an emphasis on the genetic control of growth
  • James I. Watling
    Area of expertise: Conservation Biology, Geographic Information Systems, and Landscape Ecology
  • Cathy Wheeler
    Area of expertise: Microbiology
  • Cyrilla H. Wideman
    Area of expertise: Physiology, Endocrinology, Neuroscience


Administrative Assistant:  Barb Ivec
Phone: 216.397.4251
Email:  bivec@jcu.edu

Nicole Pietrasiak, Post-doctoral researcher
Phone:  216.397.3077
Email:  npietrasiak@jcu.edu

Meet our graduate and research assistants

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Erin Allen
Office:  W 206
Phone: 216.397.6246
Email: eallen@jcu.edu

Dr. Yezid Gutierrez
Office: W249
one: 216.397.4490
Email: ygutierrez@jcu.edu

Dr. Cari-Ann Hickerson
Office: W 242
Phone: 216.397.4489
Email: chickerson@jcu.edu

Dr. Sean Kessler
Office: W 249
Phone: 216.397.4490
Email: skessler@jcu.edu
Dr. Heidi Moawad
Office: W 248
Phone: 216.397.4399
Email: hmoawad@jcu.edu
Dr. Stephanie Strickler
Office:  W 205
Phone: 216.397.6250
Email: sstrickler@jcu.edu

Dr. Samantha Stubblefield Park
Office: W 249
Phone: 216.397.4490
Email: spark@jcu.edu

Dr. Elke White
Office: W248
Phone: 216.397.4399
Email:  emwhite@jcu.edu

Retired Faculty and In Memoriam