Samantha Skerlec JCU Environmental Science Major co-authors in the Ohio Biological Survey Notes, A Survey of the Turtles of Mentor Marsh, Lake County, Ohio, based on her Kirtlandia Fellowship at the CMNH. The paper reflects Turtle trapping records and observations from 1979–2016 were compiled to survey the turtles of Mentor Marsh, Lake County, Ohio. Six species of turtles were previously known to occur in Mentor Marsh prior to 2016. Two species of turtles known from the marsh since the 1930s, Emydoidea blandingii and Clemmys gutatta, were not observed or trapped. Sternotherus odoratus (Eastern Musk Turtle) was recorded for the first time from Mentor Marsh
and is a new Grand River drainage system record. To read this publication in full, please click here. Congratulations, Sam!

Posted on August 30, 2017