We Carl_teaching_awardare very pleased to announce that the winner of the Lucrezia Culicchia Award for Teaching Excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences for 2014 is Dr. Carl Anthony, Associate Professor of Biology.

Dr. Anthony joined John Carroll University’s Department of Biology in 1996. He specializes in Behavioral Ecology, Evolution, and Herpetology. Students and faculty attest to his dedication and innovation. One letter-writer commented that Dr. Anthony’s dedication to student-faculty research helped her to have confidence in her ability “to be actively involved in developing scientific knowledge.” Students, past and present, praise his enthusiasm, his availability, and his commitment to encouraging students to think deeply about “the effects humans have on their habitats.” One student commented on the intellectual demands of Dr. Anthony’s courses, noting that students “had to write a paper for the class as if we were submitting our work to a scientific journal.” Many students described how Dr. Anthony also ties basic ecological topics into broad conservation issues, including examples from Ohio’s own conservation challenges.

Posted on May 1, 2014