Understand & Report Bias



What is the difference between harassment, discrimination, and bias?

As our non-discrimination policy states, “John Carroll University is committed to inclusion and diversity as constitutive elements of our Jesuit Catholic identity. As reflected in the University’s vision, mission, core values and strategic initiatives John Carroll welcomes individuals who will contribute to its mission and goals. Our pursuit of excellence demands that we come to understand and embrace the richness that each person brings to the University community.

In a manner consistent with the University’s Jesuit Catholic heritage, the University maintains and enforces a policy of equal opportunity. John Carroll University does not discriminate based on race, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability, veteran status, or special disabled veteran status. Discrimination or harassment of members of the University community strikes at the very heart of this institution and will not be tolerated.”

It therefore is unacceptable and a violation of University policy to harass, discriminate against, or abuse any person on the basis of any of the characteristics mentioned above. Such behavior threatens to destroy the commitment to diversity and inclusion that must prevail for this university to fulfill its educational mission. For this reason, every incident of harassment, discrimination, or abuse undermines the aspirations and attacks the ideals of our community. The University qualifies these incidents as incidents of bias.

How does the addition of bias reporting change our disciplinary procedures for students and employees?

The reporting system does not create a new category of prohibited behavior or a new process for members of the University community to be disciplined or sanctioned. When reported conduct is subject to existing University disciplinary or judicial procedures, referral services will be provided by the BR Team. For example, if conduct by a faculty member is reported as a bias incident, the matter will be pursued through applicable procedures set forth in the Faculty Handbook.

What is the purpose of the Bias Reports?

This reporting system was created to assist members of the community in bringing incidents of bias to the attention of the University.

If a John Carroll University community member feels as if he/she has been a victim of an incident of bias, he/she is encouraged to report the incident using the bias report form. The report will be reviewed by the bias response team, who will, if needed, follow up with the complainant to discuss the process, keep him/her informed of action taken, and direct him/her to appropriate campus resources.

All reported incidents of bias will be taken seriously and handled with care and compassion for all involved.

What resources are available to learn about how to confront and challenge bias?

John Carroll University provides resources and support to its community members affected by incidents of bias. Below is a list of resources that are accessible to John Carroll University community members:

Further resources:

All employees are required to learn more about harassment and their obligations to report it by participating in an online seminar created by United Educators.

Additional training is available through the Center for Faculty Development and the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion.

page updated August 10, 2017