Understand & Report Bias

Please click here for data & findings from the bias reporting system.

STOP BIAS.  Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Empowered.

When you report incidents of bias, you help us take a major step forward in becoming the community we aspire to be. No one should be mistreated because of their race, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability or veteran status – and it’s our shared responsibility to stop discrimination and bias when we see it. We can work together to build a safer, healthier, stronger, more respectful and inclusive John Carroll community.

As a member of the JCU community, you have an obligation to take an active role in fostering an appreciation for diversity and inclusion and sending the message that bias-related acts will not be tolerated.

Those who feel they have been the target of bias as well as those who have witnessed or been told about an incident by a target of bias should submit this online report.

When you file a report about an incident of bias, you are actually doing several things at once:

  • Helping us identify where and when bias is occurring on campus;
  • Giving us the information we need to intervene in difficult or dangerous situations;
  • Requesting immediate follow-up for situations where a quick response is needed, such as the removal of graffiti;
  • Bringing the incident to the attention of senior administrators, making it visible and immediate;
  • Ensuring that the incident is not forgotten or “covered up,” recording it in a formal database that records the frequency of incidents of bias over time and across campus;
  • Making it possible for us to structure campus programming, awareness campaigns, and other projects to target the most important issues being faced by our community members;
  • Standing in solidarity with all those who face bias;
  • Speaking up for inclusion, dignity and respect in our campus climate.