Q: How do I get information about playing a varsity sport at John Carroll?

A: First, you would need to contact the head coach of the sport (or sports) in which you are interested using the staff directory page on JCUSports.com. In the fall, sports programs will usually report before the start of the first semester. In the winter and spring, sports programs will hold organizational meetings during the first few weeks of school.

Q: My son/daughter has suffered some injuries in the past. What information do you have regarding the training facilities?

A: The John Carroll training staff is one of the best anywhere. A member of the staff will be present at practices and games, and will have the ability to contact the training room at any time (for emergency purposes). The training room will be open during the school year on a regular basis from 11 a.m until 6 p.m., and is available only for those competing in varsity sports. The training staff also has a commitment from the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation’s most highly-regarded medical institutions, in which doctors specializing in sports medicine make weekly visits. For further information, please feel free to contact head trainer Don McPhillips at dmcphillips@jcu.edu or by phone at (216) 397-4503.

Q: I would like to get involved in a booster club. Does John Carroll have one in existence?

A: The Blue-Gold Club is John Carroll’s official booster club. To join, it is as easy as calling Jane Evans at (216) 397-1663. She can also be reached via email at jevans@jcu.edu. There are many different donor levels, as well as benefits.

Q: I am not from the area, and I doubt that John Carroll will get much media coverage back home. What could I do to ensure that I get scores or information regarding my son/daughter and his/her team?

A: Assistant Athletic Director for Communications and Sports Information Director Chris Wenzler  would be the best people to contact. A form can be made available by request that you could fill out and return to make sure your local media is included on the weekly mailing/e-mail list for the sports information department. To keep up on scores, check the John Carroll (www.jcusports.com) and Ohio Athletic Conference (www.oac.org) web pages.

Q: I would like to travel to see games away from John Carroll. How would I get information on dates, times, and directions?

A: Our web site will often list directions to the host schools, but you could also contact the athletic department at (216) 397-4416 for more information. Coaches will often leave information with the department secretary that includes the travel plans of our sports programs, including hotel contacts and times of competition. If you feel any schedule has not been updated on the web page, contact the sports information office or the head coach of that particular sport.

Q: I noticed that the sport my son/daughter played in high school is not listed anywhere among the varsity sports. What direction should he/she go to play that sport?

A: There are many options. First of all, check and see if that sport is organized as a club at John Carroll. Those already in existence are sailing, men’s volleyball, skiing, crew, lacrosse, ice hockey and rugby, just to name a few. These clubs have organizational meetings at the beginning of the year in most cases. If the sport in question is not already a club, there is the option of forming one. Contact Courtney Farver, Director of Recreation and Intramurals, at (216) 397-3092 or cfarver@jcu.edu for more information. There is also the option of playing intramurals, should that sport exist.

Q: On our campus tour, we noticed many of the workout rooms. Are these facilities open to all students throughout the year?

A: Unless otherwise posted, all of our facilities (the cardiovascular room, Corbo weight room, racquetball courts, swimming pool, tennis courts and intramural gymnasium) are open to all students during the hours posted. Occasionally, some facilities, such as the pool and tennis courts, will close for varsity meets. Most of the time, however, they are operational for the hours posted at the main recreation center desk. All a student will need to use the facility is a validated identification card. This must be presented upon entering the facility, or access will be denied.

Q: I understand that John Carroll University is a non-scholarship athletic program, yet my son/daughter is attending John Carroll on a scholarship. What is the policy regarding scholarships?

A: As a Division III school under the guidance of the NCAA, John Carroll University cannot award scholarships based on athletic ability or for the purpose of athletics. However, as a Division III school, athletes can compete and receive scholarships so long as those scholarships were based on academic performance and/or financial need and were open to all students. This policy applies to any financial aid a student may receive while attending John Carroll.