The humanities major focuses on the artistic, historical, religious, philosophical, and literary aspects of world cultures. The major is not only excellent preparation for graduate and professional study in a variety of fields, but also a solid foundation for careers in law, medicine, international business, management, journalism, publishing, public radio and television, literature, and criticism. In addition, it has proven especially exciting for those interested in foreign-language studies, as well as for those returning to college to pursue their degree after a successful career.

The major requires 33 hours in addition to the B.A. core requirements. At least 21 hours must be at the 300 or 400 level. The 33 hours are divided into three academic areas:

  • Art History: 12 hours
  • Literature: 12 hours
  • History, Religious Studies and/or Philosophy: 9 hours

To ensure interaction of the above disciplines, at least 18 of the 33 hours must be focused in an area of scholarly interest. The remainder of the courses chosen depend upon a student’s individual interests. An area of focus may include, among others:

  • 19th Century Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • French, Italian, or German Studies
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • Modern and/or American Studies
  • Studies in Art and Religion
For details about Humanities major requirements, please refer to the John Carroll Undergraduate Bulletin.