“We strive  to develop each student as a whole person – mind, body, and soul. At the same time, we challenge them to make a difference in our world through leadership and service.”
~ Robert L. Niehoff, S.J., President of  John Carroll University

The Vision of John Carroll University:  John Carroll University will graduate individuals of intellect and character who lead and serve by engaging the world around them and around the globe.

The Mission of John Carroll University:  As a Jesuit Catholic university, John Carroll inspires individuals to excel in learning, leadership and service in the region and the world.

Five Core Components of Chapter Programming

John Carroll’s mission, vision and core values will serve as the foundation for the Alumni Chapter Program. Chapters are strongly encouraged to create meaningful programs that center around five core components that closely reflect the purpose of John Carroll University.

 1. Education/Cultural/Spiritual:

Since the time they launched their first school in 1548, the Jesuits have believed that a high quality education is the best path to meaningful lives of leadership and service. They have understood that the liberal arts, the natural and social sciences, and the performing arts, joined with solid philosophy and theology, indeed all  the branches of knowledge, were a powerful means to develop leaders with the  potential for influencing and transforming society. The Jesuits also believe that learning is a lifelong exercise. With this in mind, John Carroll Alumni chapters are encouraged to host events that help further chapter members’ educational pursuits.

2. Leadership/Professional Development

Increasingly, current students and alumni are looking to find ways to bolster their career credentials either by learning about anagement and leadership styles or by developing their professional network. Alumni chapters can play an important part in developing programs and career networks for Carroll alumni.

3. Service:

In the words of Rev. Pedro Arrupe, S.J., the goal of the Jesuit Catholic education is to develop “men and women for others.” It is in this spirit that John Carroll alumni chapters are strongly encouraged to engage in meaningful endeavors that benefits the host community.

4. Social Relationships:

The foundation  of any alumni chapter is the relationships that chapter members build with one another. Alumni who have positive feelings towards their college or university often have these feelings for two reasons, first, the education they received and second the relationships they built with their friends and faculty while on campus. At each event, alumni who attend have the opportunity to build or strengthen meaningful relationships with alumni and friends of Carroll.

5. Alumni-in-Admissions/Enrollment Assistance:

Alumni and parent volunteers make a significant impact in recruiting and enrolling new students to John Carroll. Alumni stories and their successes are excellent measures of the quality of a John Carroll education. The information and perspective alumni can give can make a big difference in the selection process for prospective students. Alumni chapters will be asked to partner with the Office
of Enrollment by helping recruit a highly qualified group of students.