The Gold Streaks are an unique and important group of alumni who graduated from the University 50 or more years ago. This group is an important part of the history, legacy, and tradition of the University. New members are welcomed each May at commencement and are celebrated each year at reunion. This May, the class of 1963 will join this celebrated affinity group.

A small gathering of alumni, graduates of the ’30s and ’40s (mostly day hops or commuters at the time), first started to meet monthly for lunch, off-campus, more than 20 years ago. They decided to meet socially for lunch to celebrate their common college experiences. They considered themselves Men of the Company – that company was JCU. The chaplain for the group was Fr. Howard J. Kerner, S.J., a notable history professor who fit naturally with the group. Then director of alumni relations, Peter Bernardo ’67, G’72, attended the luncheons and encouraged the group to bring their gatherings back to campus.

In the early ’90s, the group decided to determine a name for this group of engaged alumni. At that time, the Golden Buckeye Card was well known to alumni in Ohio. The term “golden-ager” was popular and, in general, everything that was old was given a golden moniker. The group that made up the bulk of the membership disliked the use of golden for anything with which they were associated. They were Blue Streaks but, over time, had gone gray. Thus, the name Gray Streaks was adopted. The name stuck and was popular with the group until a few years ago.

With the changing membership, and a few notes of complaint about being referred to by the color of their hair, in celebration of the 125th Anniversary of John Carroll, this esteemed group of alumni, including recipients of the Alumni Medal, class columnists, alumni in admissions volunteers, consecutive donors, and past presidents of the Alumni Association, will be known as John Carroll Gold Streaks. The current membership in attendance at the luncheons spans class years from 1936 (Larry Kelley) to 1964. For more information, e-mail