Alumni & Friends

Meet the Alumni Board

Terri (Kluesener) Lewandowski ’78
Major: Mathematics
Profession: Director of Publishing
Initiative/Committee: President of the Alumni Association

What do you hope to accomplish during your service on the alumni board?
Generally speaking, I want to take this opportunity to give back to the institution and people who gave so much to me, my husband, and my son. It is one way I want to continue to be a woman of service. More specifically, I hope to actively engage more alumni (particularly those in Columbus) with the university – help them to find the joy in aiding the students who are now where they once were.

Bill BoltonBill Bolton ’82
Profession: CEO, Owner-Bolton Conductive Systems LLC
Initiative/Committee: Resource Development

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?
What can I say-I met my wife, Mariann Krebs 83’ at the beginning of junior year and have been happily married for 28 years. We enjoy watching our 4 children grow up, one of which graduated JCU in 2013.

Katie HydukKatie Hyduk ’04
Profession: Sports Marketing and Event Production
Initiative/Committee: Alumni Engagement

What do you hope to accomplish during your service on the Alumni Board?
While JCU’s alumni association is very strong in its traditional recruitment locations, there are far fewer networking opportunities for those graduates who find themselves outside of these cities. I would like to help continue the alumni association’s outreach efforts for graduates in other parts of the country.

Michele KisthardtMichelle Kisthardt ’85
Profession: Owner, Hudson Integrated Marketing
Initiative/Committee: Alumni Engagement

Why do you feel it’s important for alumni to stay connected?
On the one hand, those four years at JCU seem so long ago, but it seems like only yesterday when you’re together with alums. Continuing to stay engaged in JCU is a constant reminder of what I took away from my experience on campus. The Carroll Connection is so strong. Now that I’m in a position of hiring students in my business, I can honestly say there’s something special and unique about JCU students – the Carroll difference.

Bill OBrienHon. William T. O’Brien ’81
Profession: Judge
Initiative/Committee: Resource Development

What is your favorite memory at JCU? 
All universities offer classes, sporting and extra-curricular events, but what makes those memorable at John Carroll are the people. At JCU, wherever you went, whatever you did, the students, staff, professors and administrators always made you feel welcome, important and special. Their concern was on a personal level and you would always be met with a smile and “hello” passing by on campus or a door being held for you. The people actually knew you, and took an active role in helping you graduate and be a success in life.

Peter MunsonPeter Munson ’97
Profession: Senior Vice President, Preventive Services and Global Crisis Management at Citigroup. Major, USMC, Retired
Initiative/Committee: Alumni Engagement

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?
John Carroll gave me a sound foundation for life-long learning. When you learn to read and think critically and write well, there’s very little you cannot do. In my career, I’ve been a KC-130 pilot, an Arabic linguist, a Middle East specialist, an author and editor, and now a crisis manager in the financial service sector. Of course I’ve had additional education and training along the way, but the John Carroll foundation set the stage for my success.

Nick Reif ’07
Major: History/Political Science
Profession: Attorney
Initiative/Committee: Student Outreach Chair

What do you hope to accomplish during your service on the Alumni Board?
I hope to increase alumni/student mentoring opportunities and help graduating students succeed at their first jobs.

Kyle Reynolds ’99
Major: English
Profession: Banking
Initiative/Committee: Resource Development Chair

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?
JCU had an amazing impact on my life. I met my wife, many good friends and was able to join the Carroll family. The knowledge I gained has helped me be a better person and I hope to give back more than I received.

Susan (Nadzam) Roubic ’00, ’06G
Major: Finance
Profession: stay-at-home mom
Initiative/Committee: Alumni Engagement Co-chair

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?
John Carroll not only prepared me with the skills to succeed in business, but to also utilize those skills to help others through public service.

Bob Sferra ’86
Major: Marketing
Profession: Chef& Business Owner
Initiative/Committee: Alumni Engagement Co-chair

Why did you want to become a member of the Alumni Board?
I wanted to be part of this board to bring a new voice to special events and some of the annual events.

Rosanna VioliRosanna Violi ’07
Profession: Local Government Administration
Initiative/Committee: Student Outreach

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?
I’m always quick to say I wouldn’t be where I am if not for my parents and JCU. Carroll allowed me to explore my interests in and out of the classroom. By participating in various service programs and attending retreats I solidified my desire to serve in the public sector. If I didn’t attend JCU, and if these opportunities didn’t exist, I may not have found my passion in life.

Scott WillisScott Willis ‘15
Profession: Student
Initiative/Committee: Student Outreach

Rev. William Bichl, S.J.
Chaplain, JCU Alumni Association (ex-officio)

Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected?
To keep the place vibrant and responsive to needs.

DVitatoeDave Vitatoe ’00
Director of Alumni Relations (ex-officio)

What role do alumni play in the overall success of a university?
We cannot thrive as a university without an engaged and energetic alumni community. John Carroll graduates should always know that their alma mater understands its responsibility to recognize, respect and support them throughout their lives. We always say, “Your relationship with, and investment in John Carroll does not end at graduation.”