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Onward: Class Notes: February 2018

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Class Notes: February 2018

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Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. As you have probably been advised there is now to be only two Alumni Magazines in print each year. Online updates will be published in between the print issues. This magazine you are now reading is the only one you will receive before reunion weekend. Yes, this is the year for our 65th reunion. I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it. It is always a fun time. Soon after the hurricane went through Florida Bob Kaminski called to say he is now living in Fort Myers and the hurricane did no damage at his home. Dick and Mary Sullivan were forced to evacuate their home which is on the water in Fort Lauderdale but they received little significant damage. Some of their neighbors were not so fortunate. They lost everything. Roger Sargent remained in their seventeenth floor condo in Aventura, FL. He says they were told to evacuate but “where would we go?”. They were without power for only twelve hours in their 14-year-old building. In our last magazine I included some news about Cas Kotowski. Soon after publication I received an e-mail from Paul Armstrong “71 asking if this could be the same Casmir Kotowski he had as a Latin teacher in High School in Oak Park, IL. It was and they are now in contact. On the day I am writing this I was saddened to see in our local newspaper the obituary for Jim Porter. He died on November 11. Jim had practiced law prior to becoming a judge for many years. The obituary stated that in 2004 the Cleveland Plain Dealer recognized Judge Porter as “one of the finest legal minds in the state courts”. Pat and Mariwin Cullinan have moved to the assisted living portion of the complex where they live in Olathe, KS. Louis Denny continues to be active with the emergency crew in Lake County, CA as well as helping with the local food bank. His spouse Caroline initiated an adult day care center for Alzheimer patients. This has expanded to four centers in the area. Louis and Caroline are active in various other activities in the Lake County community. The summer fires came within a mile of their home but they did not have to evacuate. Their children in the Redwood Valley did evacuate but fortunately no damage. We are saddened to hear that Jack Ziegler’s wife, Mary Ann, died on June 15 after prolonged health issues. Both Norm Perney and Gene Wetzel have indicated they will be coming to the reunion. I have been your class columnist for the past twenty-five years and, for the most part, have enjoyed it.  If, by chance, I am not the representative for the next issue I wish to convey my thanks for your input over the years. See you at the reunion.  Send in your news for the next issue. God’s Blessings to you all.


Let’s start with some alumni gatherings.  Cleveland chapter hosted a mass (Fr. Joseph Previte, celebrant) and dinner on April 1st and then a Founders Club gala on April 19th.  The mass was at Holy Rosary Church in Little Italy and a fine dinner at Angelo’s right across the street.  The Founders gathered at Great Lakes Brewing Co. tasting room.  I did not see anyone from our class at either program, but I must admit eating and drinking with the younger alums is fun.  They are bright, friendly and willing to talk with older folks.  No comments about health issues.  Is everyone in Florida until May?  While thinking of the orange juice state, Mike Faul is still weight conscious.  While retired from the practice of law, he is now General Sales Manager for a weight reduction product called CLA Safflower Oil.  Mike says that Khloe Kardashian lost twenty pounds in twenty days.  Now if its good enough for the Kardashians, it must be good enough for the rest of us.  Good luck Mike.  DAVE NILGES still in real estate, is working with property managers in CO.  Many big box retail stores have vacated malls.  Dave is helping convert the vacant space into store front churches or health clubs.  Dave says that the health clubs lead the churches three to one.  I have not heard from LOU LARICHE in a while, but he was working very hard to get the Vatican to change the Popemobile from a simple Fiat (stick shift, no air) to a Chevy Impala.  He may have to contact friends or relatives in Sicily to get the deal no one could refuse.  To close on a down note, GENE BURNS (RIP) was a very long time and dear friend.  We first met in a Spanish class at JCU. Then, for a number of years we worked at Ohio Bell.  I saw DOM LA GALBO at the wake and BILL BLOOMSTINE and Bob Ensigne at the funeral.  Gene was the typical “Man for others,” a Eucharistic minister for the home bound, active in programs at his parish, providing assistance for those who needed help in filing the golden goose form 1099.  Prayers please for is wife Therese and family.  You may be aware that there are some changes coming in the content and printing of this magazine.  These changes focus on culture and cost.  No longer should the magazine read like the Smithsonian or Economist but a little more like People.  Yes, it is a change, but, let’s give it a chance.  Keep the faith, Pete


Finally caught up with Pete Neroni who was living in Palm Springs, CA where he resides during the winter months.  He still lists his permanent residence as Dayton, Ohio.  After graduation, Pete was drafted into the Navy where he served for 2 years.  He spent his career in the auto hoses and pump industry working for Dayton Rubber, Dayco and Day, Inc. (an international conglomerate company) where he retired as executive vice president.  Pete has 4 children and 6 grandchildren…also talked with John Barranco who has resided in Atlanta, Georgia most of his life.  As a ROTC graduate he served in Ft. Eustice, VA and Ft. Lewis, WA.  After service in the Army, John work with Frigidaire and General Motors (large appliance Division) for over 40 years.  He has survived triple by-pass surgery with complications and major back surgery which left him with little mobility.  But he has recovered and is in good shape. He has 4 children and 9 grandchildren…Your prayers are needed for Jerry Donatucci who has recently been hospitalized.  Also remember the many of our classmates who are ill and suffering greatly.  I also talked with Paul Raglow who was one of the fine Cathedral Latin boys who made up the JCU Class of ’55.  Paul was a premed student at John Carroll and went on to graduate from Loyola of Chicago Medical School. Part of his internship was back in Cleveland at Charity Hospital.  He served as a Radiologist at St. Charles Hospital in Oregon, Ohio and has lived in the Toledo area for many years.  Paul’s son Steve graduated from JCU in 1987.  Paul is married and has 9 children and 33 grandchildren. May God bless you all, Ray


I will be a short note since I got very little news.  Otto Santos had their first great granddaughter (Congratulations!!)  Jim Knechtges had the fun of attending his 65th High School reunion.  He also had a bad accident on the Washington Beltway but no injuries!  His planning on attending our spring lunch tentatively sent for Mrach 14, 2018. Yours truly is having some cadio problems.  hopefully they will be reduced with some physical therapy.  Other words we will be looking for other treatment   WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A SPRING LUNCH MARIOS IN MARCH FOR COUPLES.  I would to leave another classmate volunteer to write the newsletter.  Running down on energy. Leo Duffy


For over three and one-half years, cancer survivor, Pat Keenan continues responding to treatments and playing golf three times each week at Bear Lakes CC in W. Palm Beach, FL. His children are doing well residing in Tampa, Raleigh and Juniper, FL. Grandkids of Tampa son are college graduates – Nick from FSU and Brianna from U of FL (Summa Cum Laude). Other grandkids – Logan is at Palm Beach State; Blake and Pierce (15 yr. old twins) are excelling at Raleigh HS. We learned that on May 5, 2017, Joseph Francis Cunningham died at his home in Solana Beach, CA after a long illness. A Rochester, NY native and graduate of Aquinas Institute, Joe earned his Law degree from Columbia University after earning his undergraduate degree at JCU. He returned to Rochester, after serving as a First Lieutenant with the U.S. Army, to complete his Master’s degree in 1967 with a book-length dissertation on American Foreign Policy in the Philippines. In 2016 he was awarded an Honorary degree, Doctor of Laws, from the University of Rochester. In 1970, Joe established Cunningham & Associates, an insurance defense and civil litigation firm serving clients in Virginia, Maryland and The District of Columbia. He tried hundreds of civil cases to verdict and negotiated thousands of resolutions during a rewarding career spanning fifty years. Committed to helping others, Joseph and wife Andrea established the Joseph F. and Andrea H. Cunningham Endowment Fund for the Humanities at the University. They also funded and established Chairs and Scholarships at Columbia University, London School of Economics, the State University of New York (at Genesco), Aquinas Institute and John Carroll University. Besides his loving wife Andrea, Joseph is survived by sons Benjamin and Joseph, daughters Nicole and Regan, nine grandchildren and cousin Kaye Meehan. Our Class of 1957 Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Seniors continues to make a giant impact on providing financial aid for seniors who, due to financial difficulty, may be in danger of not graduating. Our Scholarship fund, established in 1997, has helped some 178 seniors through the 2017 fiscal year ending May 31, 2017. The 2017 Donor Report from Doreen Knapp Riley, Vice President for University Advancement, indicates that twelve students received our scholarship during the 2016 – 2017 academic year. Our endowed amount as of May 31, 2017 was $608,204.00. Our class can be proud of the impact being made and serving as an example to other classes following our lead. Much gratitude goes out to you the donors, Dick Huberty and his team of Class Agents that make this all happen. With all the changes being made regarding the JCU magazine Class Columns, it is important that I be kept informed about you and your families – don’t be shy! God bless, Sal


Dear Classmates: Please, Please, each of you send me an email to let me know you are still among the living. While I’m waiting I’ll fill you in on Mary Jo and my trip to Tanzania this past August. We were part of a local group of 16 who travelled with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) which specializes in small group adventures. The local group which is composed of several of my fellow Kiwanians (and their wives), had a couple dropout at the last minute and we filled the empty slots. It started off auspiciously, as the first leg of the flight from Richmond to Atlanta was seven hours late taking off and put us a day behind at the outset. Having upgraded to business class was a life saver and in less than 24 hours we caught up with the group and experienced no further delays. We ultimately flew into Kilimanjaro and spent the next 14 days in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro NPs. We camped out for four nights in the former NP but it wasn’t a hardship as we were served meals and tented accommodations were very comfortable. While there we took a balloon ride (see photo) and at one point, with the basket gliding less than 10 foot above the ground, the pilot invited me to look over the side and below. Great trip, got too see Kilimanjaro, close to animals, good food and highly recommended. Remember, email me with your updates. Best wishes, Rick



I am sad to report that we lost one of our true legends DAVE MARR who passed away this past summer. Having roomed with Dave for a while, I can say in all honesty, I experienced some of the funniest moment of my life with him. RIP DAVE. It has been a while since you have heard from me. As usual I have not heard much from any of you guys either. We are going through some change regarding the class column portion of the journal. I will attempt to deal with said changes (I do not deal well with change) in my columns under the new format. The material in future columns will be more dependent upon what I receive from you. My efforts since the last publication have been limited by involvement with rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery (those of you who have experienced it know what I mean). Late this summer, the JOE KLEMENS, JIM MASON, JERRY RACHFAL and I plus our wives were able to get together for lunch. Joe and I (much to the boredom of the group spent most of the time comparing tales of the fore mentioned rehabilitation process). Joe wanted to know my reaction to first time challenges is. How did I like the first time the therapist put me on the bike and said “start pedaling”? He was curious about other “firsts” which I won’t go into at the moment (I believe they would be edit out. “Falls” was the only one of the group using a cane (knee surgery, but not a replacement). He also showed up at the Schweickert’s annual Homecoming Game tailgate in October. We are trying hard to prep his grandchildren for education at JCU. I also received a call from Tim Strader and learned that hi grandson is a “walk on running back at Boston College. That is about all I have to report for now. As you can see, I have been “out of touch” for a few months. Please send me some info for my future columns. I trust the new format is explained at the start of the class column section in this issue of the journal. If you think something you sent is missing, please access the “on line” copy at Have a Merry Christmas and Happy & Healthy New Year.  Be well, Schweick.


Wedding Bells:   Several years ago Ray Buchanan from Fairport, NY, asked if he were the only fellow from our class who was dating.   As you might recall, approximately five years ago, this column announced that Ray’s beloved wife of 50 years, Judy, had passed away. A little over a year ago, Ray noticed an attractive woman in his age bracket in the church pew across from him: “Never saw her before, and I had been a parishioner there for 38 years.” Moving forward, Ray and Sandy Harris got married on December 30 at The Church of the Resurrection in Fairport.    Ray adds –  “I like to tell people that I picked her up after the 5 o’clock mass after she moved in the parish and sat across from me three weeks in a row.”   Sandy is a graduate of Le Moyne College and has a MSW from the University of Syracuse.  Together they have seven children and ten grandchildren.   She was taken down the aisle by her three children and their spouses with 4 granddaughters as flower girls.  …  All in the Family:  Chuck Nieset and his wife, Carolyn, from Ft. Myers, FL are the parents of Mary Jo Nieset Redding ’82 and Michael Nieset ’86 – Mike married his classmate, Eileen Weaver Nieset ’86 – they have a freshman at JCU this year – Mike Nieset ‘ 21 from Aurora, OH. …   Gerry Burns is a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus. He has been participating in the Knight’s Operation Hope by requesting cash donations at numerous retail locations in the Florence, SC area for Helping Peoples with Intellectual Disabilities. Last year over $20,000 was raised by his council of brother Knights.” Recently, Gerry and his wife, Nancy, visited with Joanne and Tom Gerst who were vacationing in Myrtle Beach.  This is now a semiannual event for the two families. … This past September, Judy and Shawn Doolin celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary at their grandson’s wedding.  The new Mr. and Mrs. Doolin were happy to share their day with the older bride and groom.  Those 56 years have produced six children, fifteen grandchildren, four great grandchildren and much joy. … Gene Kramer, prominent Cleveland attorney and highly active in community affairs, provided some assistance to Dr. Tom Bier of the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Studies of Cleveland State University in the writing of his new book entitled Housing Dynamics in Northeast Ohio:  Setting the Stage for Resurgence.  Gene and his wife, JoAnn, are enjoying life in their Lakewood Goad Coast apartment with a wonderful view of Lake Erie and the Cleveland skyline.  Gene, a member of the Green Ribbon Coalition, has provided citizen input for the development of the Lake Erie’s waterfront as a recreational and economic asset. … The Class of ’61 Scholarship Fund is now just shy of $200,000 – Dick Murray and Gerry O’Connell, co-chairmen of the scholarship committee, are attempting to reach the milestone of $250,000.  To date, fifteen students have received scholarships thanks to the generosity of our class.  Dick and Gerry ask that the class of 1961 make the Scholarship Fund a lasting testimony to our belief in a John Carroll education.


I looked online at the Class Notes section of the JCU Alumni Magazine and noticed that Spring 2017 was the most recent posting from me.  Just to be safe I also looked at 1964 and found the same date – Spring 2017.  Perhaps this is in some way related to the new structure and format that will be followed regarding class notes. I don’t know the exact date but soon, if not with this issue, class notes in their full format and content will be posted online only. This was announced by the Alumni Office or body that manages the JCU Alumni Magazine earlier this fall.  I am not clear on just who received the notification of these changes as I believe they were sent by email.  I know many class columnists received notification of the changes in what class notes were to be presented, but I don’t know if alumni in general were informed.  As we know, email addresses change, and in many cases emails can be and are ignored.  Anyway, the changes to the magazine pertain to a greater emphasis on photography, feature stories, Q&As, and major events – these types of content were provided to me as a class columnist in fall 2017 when these changes were announced.  In the magazine itself, a full length class note column will no longer appear.  Instead, edited highlights of these columns will remain; photo spreads of events, births, weddings, profiles of successful alumni, donors, etc. will be emphasized.   As I stated above, the full column will continue to appear online.   I will continue to compose the 1963 Class Note column which as I understand it will be featured in full online twice a year.  For example, my deadline for this column was November 20, 2017.  The next deadline for my full column is not until July 30, 2018.  I am unclear what happens in between.  But please do keep sending me your notes (yes, I keep begging for these all the time, but I do need your support and input), and they will appear online as they are published in full.  Again, edited highlights, edited by someone at JCU Alumni Magazine, will appear in the magazine itself. With that in mind, I did hear from Fred Misischia ( in July.  He along with Jim Mertes, Bob Cermak, and Don Lennon and their spouses attended the 2017 reunion.  As Gold Streaks, they receive an invitation each year to the reunion, graduation and a number of other events.  Jim and Fred and their spouses also attended the Kickoff Party for the World Union Jesuit Alumni Congress held for the first time in the USA.  And while we are on the subject of reunions, our 55th reunion is next June. Can you believe it will be 55 years – that’s more than a half a century ago?  Anyway, you will be receiving more information in the coming months.  Note too that it is a week earlier this year – I think June 8-10. I also wanted to express gratitude to Frank Grace.  This past May Kathy and I were in Italy searching out my grandfather’s roots in the small town of Roccagorga, Italy.  His name was Orsini, and that family was huge in Italy a few hundred years ago.  Anyway, while in Italy, Frank treated us to a tremendous afternoon at his winery/vineyard/home outside of Florence.  His winery, Il Molino di Grace, is famous for its Chianti.  Frank prepared a wonderful lunch for Kathy and me which, of course, included different Chiantis.  Thanks again, Frank, for a wonderful day.  I have also attached a memorable picture as well. Take care and let me hear from you.


The beat goes on for the Blue Streaks men’s basketball squad. Mike Moran retired as coach after 25 highly successful seasons and is succeeded by his son, Pete Moran. The squad started this season with four straight wins averaging over 110 points per game; they are maintaining the Moran “5 in-5 out” player rotation style which ensures an exciting, highly up-tempo game. Gordon Priemer and I had the honor of chatting with Pete and his dad at Pizazz the night Mike won his 400th NCAA game. For some winter excitement, plan your trips to the campus to coincide with their schedule. Tom Leahy concluded a golfer’s dream tour of Ireland this summer, playing 7 rounds in 7 days at treasured courses the mention of which will bring a tear to aficionados no matter their skill level: Ballybunion, Old Head, Doonbeg, Waterville, Lahinch, Tralee, and Killarney. Classics all, and Tom paid homage equally, losing at least one ball to a hazard at each course, but only a total of 9 balls lost for the week. A highly commendable performance indeed. Careful, Tom, Tony Compisi will want documentaion. Euro River Cruise Redux: Having greatly enjoyed the highly successful JCU sponsored 2017 European River Cruise, six of our compatriots are heading back for more this summer. Geri and Jack Froehlich, Lyn and Gordon Priemer, and Mary and Tom Leahy will embark on the Viking Romantic Danube Cruise beginning in Nurnberg, Germany, with several stops including Vienna, Austria and terminating in Budapest, Hungary. There’s room for more. Anyone wishing to join in can contact them for details. Dick Koenig is staying busy in retirement lending his considerable aviation talents to the Commemorative Air Force, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and showing historical aircraft at airshows primarily in the United States and Canada. At last count the CAF owned 166 aircraft ranging from the tiny Stinson Sentinel to the giant Boeing B-29 Superfortress.  Dick has also been active in transporting and escorting WWII veterans to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. Suspiciously, he has yet to account for his whereabouts on the famous day in 2013 when WWII veterans (some in wheelchairs) stormed past barricades to visit the memorial in defiance of the government budget shutdown. A worthy uprising that I can picture him encouraging. There will be important changes forthcoming for the JCU Magazine, which will be reduced to 2 print issues. I have joined many class columnists voicing our immense preference for a print magazine, but, with the cost of each print-and-mail issue soaring well past $60,000, this is a budget decision that is final. Going forward there will also be some summarizing
of the print portion and you will be asked to go on-line to find the column in-full. In turn, the editor has stressed the university’s intention to streamline and modernize the JCU website to vastly improve user friendliness and smooth this transition. So, like those WWII Vets, we say damn the obstacles and continue the mission, partnering with JCU to maintain excellent lines of communication in this evolving world. Lastly, 55th Reunion Chairman Tom Leahy met with the Class of ’64 Scholarship Committee members William Kerner, William Gibbons, and Gordon Priemer at their 2018 planning session. The summer of 2019 reunion is approaching and a strategy to use its proximity to gain synergistic benefit and truly build the 1964 Scholarship Fund into a major sustaining asset for John Carroll’s future is a primary goal.  Watch for further announcements. Remember our 55th reunion is right around the corner. God bless all Streaks! Frank


John Murray reports a stay in Albuquerque NM for Thanksgiving 2017 with sons, Jonathan and Ian along with their spouses Angela and Mei respectively.  Ed Doherty continues his volunteering in Kyrgyzstan to help set up basic accounting records for small businesses.  Ed says, “To my classmates, investigate visiting this country and get a ‘Nomad experience’ if you like.”   David Broerman’s wife, Ralenda, provided an update on Dave’s continuing and serious health problems.  She says that he still about the same but losing weight and becoming more confused.  Ray Karcher wrote that he was saddened to read about Dave in a recent JCU column and asked for contact information.  You can write to Dave’s wife at  Meanwhile, Ray and wife, Bev, are enjoying living in Midway, Utah.  They motor homed around the southern part of the state this summer with their grandson while visiting several national monuments and state parks.  In August, Ray and Bev celebrated their 50th anniversary by visiting some friends in San Jose and driving down the coast to Big Sur.  Bill Carr says he has donated to the scholarship fund in the name of Charlie Hymers who was killed in action in Vietnam shortly after graduation.  Bill again invites others to contribute as I have noted in a previous column.  (You can get more information by contacting the JCU ROTC office at 216.397.4421.)  Bill also reminisced a bit about his own service in Vietnam in the mid-sixties as an ordinance company commander in the 24th Infantry Division near Tay Ninh and seeing his first son at the time, William Jr. in the arms of his wife, Marcella.  There is now a William III.  After travelling this year with my wife, Cecile, to France, Sicily and Martinique, your columnist drove by car down the west coast with my roommate from the Infantry Officer Basic and Airborne schools in 1965 at Ft. Benning on a nostalgia tour to meet with my Vietnam roommate in Sacramento, CA.  We later visited a classmate from Ft. Benning in Sonoma, CA and the grave of another classmate from the Infantry School who was killed in action in 1967 and buried in the Veterans Cemetery near San Francisco.  Topping off the trip was a visit to my 99-year-old uncle and WWII veteran in southern California.  Lastly, if you are reading this, you are not looking at the hard copy alumni magazine you have been receiving for the last 50+ years but an electronic copy, on line somewhere on the JCU website.  This column will no longer appear in its entirety in the magazine you receive by mail.  You will only see heavily edited snippets of what I have written, snippets chosen by someone in the alumni office.  None of the class columnists were consulted about this drastic change to class columns which was already a fait accompli by the time we received notice.  Protests by me and some of you to the alumni office were of little consequence. Consequently, this may be my last column as I will make a decision about continuing as your class columnist in the next several months.  Regards to all, Dick


Dear classmates, as a new writer for this column, the bar is set high by my predecessors, Dave Griffin, et al. This is YOUR column, what are your preferred topics? What’s the news? Like most of us, I lean toward the positive material, the “highs” of life.  Obviously some great marriages occurred shortly after our graduation. Fran and Eileen Nunney celebrated their fiftieth anniversary and their daughter graduated from JCU a few years ago. Jim and Mimi O’Keefe celebrated their fiftieth anniversary, Tom Madden and Larry Henry were able to join in the fun. Tom enjoys managing his business and is no hurry to retire.  Tom has a great work environment: some of his family work in the business. Tom said he occasionally breaks bread with Charley Dalton and John Byrnes.  John and Micki Naylor cruised the Danube to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. Chuck Bartels dropped me a note that Bob Monaville and Bill Buckley also celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversaries. Congrats are certainly in order! If you are in this hallowed group, please let me know.  Chuck is running for re-election to the Lake County Board and also as a Forest Preserve Commissioner, re: Way to stay involved, Chuck! Ron Gillenkirk acquired a brand new Cadillac to assure that he joins ALL JCU golf outings. Ron continues to teach college classes in the Rochester area. A few years ago Steve Lochen and family got the heck out of Illinois and moved to the paradise of Southern California. Steve plays year round golf and now offers extra strokes to those of us in the Midwest. “Yours truly” enjoys tennis, golf, and tandem bike-riding with my wife, Ruth. Recently I started tutoring community college students in the inner city–very rewarding and highly challenging, re: Dan Kush moved from the nation’s capital to the capital of the Empire State, Albany. Dan sensed “upheaval” in Washington D.C. and got out just in time.  I see Joe Heery on the golf course occasionally. This past summer Joe toured England and Spain with friends.  Tom Cerha retired from the Air Force after 30 years, thanks, Tom, for your service. Jim Adair now has 19 grandchildren!! Can anyone top this?? Chris Botamer emailed me that he plans to send me JCU photos. The JCU JOURNAL now welcomes photos, so please send them along to me. It’s helpful if you can send them electronically.  I had a rare moment: last Spring Bob Jacobs was in town and we were playing golf. Bob teed off on a par three, hitting a hybrid wood. The ball hit the green and rolled into the hole! Now we call Bob, “Ace” Jacobs. This past summer we had a golf outing near JCU, all had a great time.  We have lots of laughs on the nineteenth hole. For example, Guy Nerren regaled us with stories about off-campus parties, et al, with his partner in crime, Mike Necas. We’ve had a good turnout at our golf outings, note the outing photo. Past golfers not in the photo include: Kevin Leigh, Ron Gillenkirk, and Jim Hartings.  How are you enjoying life, adding to the lives of those around you, and those less fortunate? I know some of you are reluctant to share, but your classmates love to hear from you…  On the other side of the ledger of life, we are older, wiser, and face more challenges.  We ask your prayers for our classmates facing health and other challenges.  This includes Tom Rempe, Dave and Jane Griffin, and certainly many others…  Mark your calendar: Golf outing, June 7-8, 2018 near JCU, ALL golfers are welcome. We play a scramble, using the best ball. All duffers like me can add to the fun. Be sure to bring a few extra dollars for “games.” Reunion weekend is June 8-10, 2018. Let’s get together, the years are flying by! As we grow older, support from classmates grows in meaning.   Before the Journal was printed and you received it, I sent emails to those on my email list of dates for the upcoming golf outing/reunion. If you didn’t receive that email, and want to stay current on classmates’ news, golf/reunion, etc., please email me. The Journal takes considerable time to be printed and get to you. Email is much closer to real time. Let me know what’s happening, what’s on your mind.


Hello again classmates. There were 56 attendees at the 50th class reunion during the Summer of 2017. What a nice time that was; I’m glad that we were all there. Thanks to Charlie Mc McCarthy for helping out at dinner. Here are a few lines from The Carroll News of November 11, 1966: “Carroll’s rifle team will attempt to improve on its one-win, two-loss record when it visits Youngstown at 7:30 tonight. The Streaks recorded their first victory Friday with a 1250-1184 triumph over Case.  Wayne Krupitzer paced Carroll and the meet with a high of 263, on prone-sitting-standing scores of 96, 84 and 83. Rounding out the Carroll results were John Doyle…Pete Bernardo…. Bob Dexter…. Tom Korins.” Dave Richards was also noted. We have barely five months left on our journey through John Carroll when this was published: on our way to the real world. You’ll notice that the Magazine has now been cut back to two publications per year. For those who like to peruse the magazine at the table with a cup of coffee will only be able to do that twice a year, but if you don’t mind reading from a screen…. Budget restraints. A lady that lives in Indiana contacted me and asked me if there was some way to locate a student in either the class of ‘66 or’67 that worked at St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland during the mid 60’s whose name was Roger. The only Roger that I knew was Roger Joseph, who now lives in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, from our class; I asked Roger if he was working at the hospital then and he replied no, that wasn’t him. Do any of you know who that student could be? Ginny would like to re-contact this guy and talk about the old days. You’ll hear from me again in the September publication. Have a good rest of Winter, Spring and Summer. Let me hear from you with notes of interest. Terry


A note from Michael Quinn: “Mary Beth (69) and I are mostly retired, living in Cleveland on the city’s Eastside.   Our son Brian lives in western NY state.  Our son Michael lives in Boston; he and Joy have a daughter, Catherine. Our daughter Bridget lives in Charlotte; she and Brendan have a son, Henry.  Obviously we spend a fair amount of time on the road.  A few years ago I saw Andy Jurchenko’s name in this column and it brought to mind a brief-and I mean brief- encounter we had a year and a half after graduation.  I was bringing a convoy back through Saigon from Tan when I heard someone on the road behind me yell,” Hey Quinn,” before riding past in his jeep.  It was Andy.  We waved and he was gone.  How he recognized me from the back I’ll never know.  I’ve been thinking of that time period lately with the looming possibility that more young Americans will be sent into harm’s way with even less forethought than Bush used prior to Iraq or Johnson prior to Vietnam.   God help them-and us.”



I have been dealing with some health issues since Easter week of 2016, so I have not been able to contact many classmates for updates on retirements, grandchildren, etc.  So, if you would be so kind, please email me with same….I did email Frank Brady about the World Union of Jesuit Alumni Congress that was held in late June and early July at Carroll, and which Frank chaired.  This was the first time that it was held in the United States, they are held every 4 years, the next one being in Spain.  Frank said that there were 670 registered delegates, 506 from the USA, and 164 from abroad, with 31 countries being represented. The theme was “Uniting Jesuit Frontiers”.  There were a total of 62 speakers for 28 sessions to choose from, in addition to the key note sessions.  Speakers included Rev.  Arturo Sosa SJ, 31st Superior General of the Society of Jesus; Rev. Peter Balleis SJ, Director of Jesuit Worldwide Learning; Rev. Greg Boyle SJ, Founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries; Rev. Timothy Kesicki SJ, President of the Jesuit Conference of U.S. and Canada; Katherine Marshall, Senior Fellow of Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs; Rev. James Martin SJ, Jesuit Priest and Author; and Chris Lowney, Board Chair of Catholic Health Initiatives and Author. Frank said the class of ’70 attendees were Jack O’Connell, Sue Eagan, Bruce Feher, Rick Gibson and his wife Janice.  Jack and Sue both told me that Frank represented our class very well. I also heard from Jim Regan that Circle K held a reunion at the JCU Homecoming weekend in October.  They had Circle K alums and wives from ’68 through the late 80’s together again.  A banquet highlight was a wonderful presentation from Sister Katherine Feely about present day student service projects underway.  Sister it the Director of The Center for Service and Social Action at JCU.  I was unable to attend due to a Permanent Deacons convocation held the same weekend, but Jim reported that my brother John Heutsche ’68 attended, allowing Jim and John to renew their acquaintance after almost 50 years! Please email me any updates that you may have – our classmates enjoy hearing from you.  Ted


45 years ago seems like yesterday….The No Name…Spotty’s…Pepper Pot…Alibi Room…Pap ‘N Jays Pizza…Generation Gap…Coventry…fraternity houses…sororities parties…Purple Passion Pit…mixers in the gym….keggers…Chicago…Iron Butterfly…WUJC…have I piqued your interest?  You have a chance to revive the memories and fill in the gaps, or even correct the record, according to you, of course!  Save the date for the Class of ’73 Summer Reunion:  6/8-6/10/17.  I have it on good authority that Alanna Fallon-Vachez and her husband, Francois will be in attendance.  Locally, our usual suspects have been seen at local watering holes (socials sponsored by JCU) such as the Terrestrial Brewing Company in Battery Park where the likes of Keevin Berman, Tom & Hutch Malone, Tom & Mary Berges, and also myself.  I will be dedicating more time and effort to entice our classmates to return here as I have recently retired from 28 years at the State of Ohio, Bureau of Workers Compensation.  Feel free to contact me to see who may be coming.  With the new JCU Magazine format of printing a hard copy only twice a year with only some snippets, many of you may not remember to check the online notes for updates, pix, etc.  If you send me your email addresses I can easily blast my entire column to you!  Sad news to convey on the passing of Bill Burke and Tony Spadafora.  I am presently tweaking a new Facebook JCU Class of 73 Reunion site.  Hopefully we can see some faces that have not been back for awhile…or ever! Rock On! Bob Larocca ’73, 97G


Larry and Marie Meathe’s oldest daughter, Libby and her husband Ryan were blessed this past May with a beautiful daughter, Maeve. They to see her often and love watching her grow. Larry attended the 10th Annual Palermo Golf Classic on Hilton Head at the estate of Frank Palermo. In attendance: John Palermo, Charlie Carroll, Mike Nienstedt, Frank Palermo, Mike McShane, & Joe Virostek.  Lots of golf and many repeated stories that still get howling laughs. When not spending time with his granddaughter, Larry is enjoying retirement golfing and gardening. Joe Tasse is the interim CEO of Centura Health in Longmont, Colorado.  He wrapped up his assignment for Trinity Health System in Steubenville, OH and headed west.  He loves living in the Denver area only 20 miles from the Rockies.  Jas Obrecht’s book, Talking Guitar, came out last May. While that book was in production, he wrote text for the just-released John Lee Hooker 5-CD collection called King of the Boogie. Jas always liked John’s music and became good friends with Hooker during the final 15 years of his life.  This project was a labor of love for Jas.  Check it out at Jas just finished writing Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix from London to Monterey, a full-length bio on the most productive year of Jimi’s life. The University of North Carolina Press has scheduled the book for publication in October 2018. Jeff Hokl became a grandfather for the first time.  Camden Ray Hokl was born this past October in Indianapolis.  Jeff designated Terry Dwyer as the surrogate uncle. Speaking of TD, he is on the board of the Global Prep Academy, a charter school in Indianapolis.  “We are preparing kids now in first and second grade for college. We are not just teaching at the level that they are, we are trying to have them go higher,” said second grade teacher Kileeta Holmes.  Terry is honored to be a part of this new approach to teaching kids, “We are making a positive change for many of these students.”  Jim and Sheila Weitzel’s daughter Erin is returning to Dallas after working the last two years in London and son Drew, graduated from University of Texas last spring and is completing his first semester at George Washington University School of Law. Ed Staunton’s daughter Sarah is engaged to Alex Kelso and getting married next May in Leesburg, Virginia. Sarah works for Yelp and Alex is in management with Uber in San Francisco.  Check out Ed’s son I’ll be Home by Christmas music video on You Tube at The video features footage of old Super 8 home recordings from the 1960’s and 70’s.  Kathie and Kevin Smith’s daughter Kristen successfully completed the 2017 Middle East Championship Iron Man 70.3 race in Bahrain the last weekend in November.  Finally, our son Keenan and his wife Kalyn were blessed with the birth of Roch Ignatius Robinson in August.  They live in Colorado Springs.  Keenan is with USA Swim, the Olympic Training Center, and Kalyn works for the Department of Defense.  In conclusion, our deepest sympathy and prayers to Laura Mackey and her children at the passing of her husband, Jim Mackey, class of ’71, who passed away on November 29th. Jim will be greatly missed.


The holidays are long gone but I hope they were merry and your new year looks bright.  My new year started in my new city of Atlanta.  It was nice to celebrate the holidays with family sans the snow and ice.  Joanne Waters Gajewski and Ron celebrated the holidays in North Carolina with their two sons their daughter and their three-year-old grandson.  Ron continues to be the master chef on Christmas Eve treating the family to an assortment of Polish dishes.  He draws the line at handling dessert so its Joanne’s Spritz cookies that wraps things up. Just in case you were wondering, spritz cookies hail from Germany in the 1500’s.  Originally called Spritzgeback, from the German word meaning “to squirt”, the delicious buttery dough is squirted through a cookie press into various sizes and shapes.  All of which goes quite well with a hot cup of Irish tea. Although I am not sure any tea, be it green or Irish, was involved, my former suitemate Marian McCahill Quirk had a reunion of sorts with Marianne Crotty.  The two met in Beijing China where Marian was visiting her son’s family and newest grandchild. Marianne was on a tour of China because her daughter wanted to see her birthplace.  When not visiting overseas Quirk lives in Long Beach Indiana and works in gift planning at Illinois Institute of Technology.  No word on if she’s run into Cathy Swanson Shuba and husband Chris who also call the shores of Lake Michigan home.


The following was written for the June addition, however, with the changing of the guards in alumni magazine office, it was lost in the shuffle. Tom Englehart shared that he and Steve Billick roomed together for three years in Bernet, as members of Tenreb, Inc.  Now they have taken the roomie gig to the next level.  Their sons, Brian and Dan, currently share a place in the Lakeside neighborhood of Chicago.  The boys cried together when the Cavs won the title in June and cried again for the wrong reason when the Tribe came up short in November.   Cathy Hogan shared that Doug Hogan retired in January from the First Energy Corporation as Director of External Affairs. After law school and teaching, he joined the First Energy in 1987 and just completed a prosperous career. He joins his wife, Cathy ‘78, who retired from P&G 2 years ago.  Doug is very busy: biking, hunting, traveling, spending time with their grandson and even golfing again. Bob Keir shared Father Niehoff came to Sarasota on March 28 to speak to the JCU Alumni Association at the Sarasota Yacht Club. They discussed ultra-important issues affecting JCU like “who will be the new men’s basketball coach” and other such things. In April, Bob and Sandy had another visitor, Mark Randall, his old roommate and fraternity brother. The commencement season brought back a memory for Bob.  He shared this fun tidbit that he was assigned to the Bob Hope detail as an escort in 1976 and saw firsthand how personable Mr. Hope was. He shook every hand that was outstretched.  We had the Bishop of Cleveland for our commencement and he actually said that it is a ‘dog eat dog world.’ It was great advice since Bob now only eat brats. Things they are a changing for the Alumni Journal…. Alumni Journal space in the magazine has been reimagined, with a greater focus on photography, features, Q&As, and major events. For space considerations, class columns will no longer be printed in full in the magazine. Edited highlights of these columns will remain, along with photo spreads of events, births, and weddings, as well as profiles of successful alumni, donors, Carroll Couples, and other groups. Full class columns will appear on the JCU Alumni website, which will be updated regularly as Onward is published. You can now contribute up to six class columns a year! Special thanks to Tim Leddy who recalled our reunion memories………We had quite the turn out for our 2017 Reunion Weekend. Sixty members of the class of 1977 showed up.  We learned a few things. Bob Hennessy showed Demaris (Levitt) LeBlanc and Kathy Baldoni where President Garfield is buried. Mary Ann (Garvey) recounted her adventures in China. Len Barbe needs a better auto mechanic, one that knows how to install windshield wipers. Stan Mambort still has his college ID. See the picture below with Bill Gagliano, Nancy (Cunningham) Benacci, Susan (Scully) Schultz, and Mary (Kelly) Corral. JCU Interim President, Jeanne Colleran (’76) called out Bob Juhasz’ collaboration with the University’s pre-med program.  The reason no one has heard from or seen Dan CaJacob is that he has been turned into a brick in the quad. From David Kaman who talked Tim Misny into joining him at the reunion. David enjoyed seeing many classmates especially fellow football players. Tim Misny is Ohio’s personal injury attorney and can be seen regularly on TV with his ads stating that he will “Make them pay.” Tim is now taking this advertising slogan nationwide and has also started a clothing line of “Make them Pay” sportswear. Tim was late to the game to get married but now lives with his wife Stephanie on their 80-acre estate in Waite Hill. More importantly, Tim is the very proud father of University School second grader, Max, and four-year old twins, Ruby and Gus. Many of his classmates did not realize that Tim graduated with us, as he worked as a reporter for the Sun Newspapers during his Carroll years, limiting his campus activities. His very favorite memory of JCU, was his Political Science Professor Father Paul Woelfl. Tim remained very close to Fr. Woelfl until his death. David Karman is a lawyer and the managing member of the 20 lawyer firm of Kaman and Cusimano with offices in Cleveland, Youngstown and Columbus. They limit their practice to the representation of condominiums and homeowner’s associations and he is constantly amazed how many JCU alums come up and introduce themselves at condominium meetings. He and his wife, Julie, reside in Bay Village. They have three sons, one who is a lawyer in our Columbus office and two in Orlando Florida, one working for Disney and the other for Sea World. There was recently an article in the Plain Dealer about his expansive Cedar Point collection and he promised several classmates especially Kathy Norris and her husband Joe at the reunion to have them over to view the collection.  His biggest disappointment about the reunion was not being able to talk his roommate, Chris Fedor, into coming in to town for this one but Chris promised to come for the next reunion. So just like Chris is doing, mark your calendars now for the 2022 reunion, 5 years fly by and you never know what your memory will be by then. A couple weeks after the reunion Randy D’Amore and Dan Busta (76) joined Tim Leddy in Colorado. The three made a trip into the mountains and crossed the Continental Divide. Remember to share your stories, Demaris Levitt LeBlanc


An awesome response from ’78 on updates – so awesome that (due to magazine online/ print space limitations) half the classmates will be in the January Onward On online issue and the second half will be in the March online issue.  Thank you!  Greg Skoda is one of four Classmates on Carroll’s Board of Directors (with Mike Merriman, Terri Lewandowski and Ara Bagdasarian)!  Congratulations to Greg on Skoda MInotti being named in Accounting Today as the #1 large firm to work for in America and continuing to hire an amazing number of Carroll graduates!  Greg and spouse Patti have 4 kids Greg, Brent (in Dallas), Brittany (in San Francisco) and Bobby (in Dallas) and one granddaughter Stella.  Patti and Greg had several great trips this year to Israel and Africa (Rwanda & Tanzania) – walking with the gorillas being a highlight…Laura and Jack Blackburn shared the September wedding of son Dan’11 and Lauren with classmates Dave Briggs, Brian Farrell, Joyce Blackburn, Phil Simon, Chris Parrilli, Tim Casey, Larry Wyrobek, Dan Weitzel and Tim Freeman and 15 more Carroll alums…Gerry Reilly is the president of the Jefferson County Civil War Round Table in Madison, Indiana where he serves as Eastern Regional Director of Historic Sites.  Gerry sees classmates Dan Fickes, Pete Ruffing, Rosemary Piening and Tom Czernicki.  Gerry is proud of his JCU family, including niece Colleen’90 and nephew Owen’16…Rob Herald completed 3 years in Japan and now works for the American School in Dubai.  Rob always welcomes visitors!  In his US visit last summer, he caught a Pirates game with John Baran and Mark McGinley and met with Kevin Leonard in Latrobe…Kathy and John Baran are moving to the Village of Williamsville, NY where John grew up.  John was one of the leaders who organized a most successful Circle K reunion at Homecoming weekend.  Over 80 attendees (including classmates Dave DeAngelis and Pete Ruffing) attended several weekend events.  Circle K brothers enjoyed their brotherhood and recounting their tremendous service activities in Cleveland and on campus.    Sister Katherine Feely, Director of JCU’s Center for Service and Social Action spoke and recognized Circle K service (since the early 60’s) and linking it to today’s nationally recognized service program for all Carroll students… Mary Nimrod looks forward to June reunion.  She teaches kindergarten at Faith, Hope and Charity School in Winnetka, Il. Daughter Megan’12 was married in October.  Mary often sees sister in-law Kathy McCarthy’78 (and husband Mike’77 too) …Rick Adams retired from Towers Watson in March, 2016.  Rick and wife Suzan winter in Bonita Springs golfing, boating and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.  The Adams live on Catawba Island in the summer, boating on Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron…Vin Karl plans to attend our June reunion.  Ask him for the latest photos of his granddaughter, Talia, born in November, 2017…Classmates Jim Walsh, Dana Albert, Ray Dalessandro, Tom Keir, Mark McGinley and Phil Simon golfed with AKPsi brothers hosted by Mike Keresman’79 in September.  Jim practices law in Columbia, Maryland, and is running for elected office – Howard County (Maryland) Council in June, 2018…Christine Schomisch Moravec, PhD (BA ’78, MS ’84) received the George B Davis Award for Service to the University at the Cleveland State University Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony in October 2017.  On hand to see her receive the award were her JCU mentors, Dr. Cyrilla H. Wideman (Biology) and Dr. Helen M. Murphy (Psychology).   Chris has also taken on several new responsibilities at Cleveland Clinic in addition to running her own research program.  She now serves as the Director of Research Education and Training, overseeing 250 postdoctoral fellows and 150 PhD students in the Lerner Research Institute, and also as the Assistant Dean for Basic Science Education in the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, assuming responsibility for the first two years of the curriculum…Terri (Kluesener) and George Lewandowski caught up with George’s 4-year roommate Wayne Nowak and wife Judy at Geraci’s this fall. Wayne keeps busy with financial advising. Looking forward to seeing then and the rest of our old dinner gang (Lori Wirtz Higgins, Paul Schick, Carol Simon, Karen Satko Edwards, Erica Kosinski, John Difini, Chris Beaufait) at our 40th Reunion in June…Dana Albert plans to see Dan Jacobs, Mark Ruth and Phil Simon at our 40th. Dana retired from Frito Lay after 32 years in December 2015, just in time for the birth of his first granddaughter two weeks later…Jeff Cash and wife Cindy will celebrate 40 years of marriage in August, 2018.  In May, 2017, they moved to Cumming, GA where Jeff is Senior Sales Director at SI Group.  Jeff is ‘still a Browns fan’.  They have 3 kids and 2 grandchildren.  Jeff keeps in touch with classmates John Kostyo and Clint Parm…Kevin Leonard will attend the reunion – he has never missed a reunion!   He’s hoping to see JK Daley, Mary Egan, Jim Bircher, Ara Bagdasarian and many others in June.  Kevin has practiced law in Latrobe, PA for 36 years.  He and wife Jennifer and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  The Leonards and Kevin is still camping and heavily involved as a Boy Scout Troop leader.   Kevin stays in touch with Paul Giba and Pete Sheehan, whose family has relocated back to Eastern Ohio… Marge Newman-Teubl ’78 has been happily married to Rick Teubl ’77 for 38 years. Marge and Rick met in Dr. Barry’s World Drama class at JCU when Marge was a freshman and Rick, a sophomore. Following JCU, Marge and Rick attended grad school for Speech/Language Pathology. They have and are currently working as Speech Pathologists in Ohio. They raised two sons Brian and Craig, and have two grandsons, Austin–age 3 and Evan–5 months. Marge and Rick communicate/get together with classmates Rose (Cirota) Kazar ’78 and her family and Mike McLoughlin ’78 and his family…Please contact Carla Gall (Reunion Director) if you’d like to help getting classmates to our 40th in June.  Terri and George Lewandowski and Cathy Hogan have stepped up – please join them!  Thanks for writing!



Welcome to the new year! May 2018 be your best and one that you fulfill all your new year’s resolutions. As you may have noted the Alumni Magazine will be published twice a year in February and September.  Other times during the year you will be able to catch class notes online in digital format called Onward. Everyone has their opinion as to the best format to use-  I have always enjoyed the hard copy paper; however, the digital age is upon us so we can at least give the format a try and see how it works. As usual feel to drop a note anytime to My oldest Rosemary is a Pitt Panther so I have traded some emails with Shirley Novak who is an attorney in the Steel City. I do know that Shirley mentioned she recently had a mini reunion in Cleveland with the gang and stayed at Chris Clauson’s house in University Hts. They toured the campus and I am sure were amazed at the changes and how the campus has taken on a new look since 1980. I must admit I do not tweet much nor pay that much attention to Facebook. In the new year I want to increase my digital skill sets. That being stated- I have received updates from Kate Fitzgerald via Facebook and was intrigued by reading that Kate’s family plays disc golf. I have heard about the game but do not know anyone who has played. I will need to find out more info. Kate is the Education Director at West Virginia Public Broadcasting. She has been in West Virginia for over 30 years……Working in Strongsville, Ohio gives me the opportunity to cross paths with Greg Branic. As of this writing we are looking to hoist a few cold ones at the local Brew Kettle. Fulfill one of your resolutions and drop a line! Thanks! MFH


Reunion was outstanding – you really need to add this to your bucket list every five years.  Barb and Chuck Brown kicked off the weekend by welcoming their first grandchild then bringing their Chicago house guests to the big tent.  Chuck impressed the ladies with his culinary skills all weekend.  The Chicago gang lead the charge to dedicate a tree on campus in honor of Beth Durkin.  Julie Maloney Ruddy and Kevin Durkin did a great job remembering Beth.  A very special moment on campus. Kevin Dougherty sent me a terrific summary of life in North Carolina.  Mark McDonnell joined Kevin’s company and moved there, too.  So…Mac and Doc are back together again.  Just missing Squeak, OC, and the rest of the JCU soccer team.  Doc’s kids are doing great, too.  Anna (26) is in fashion design in NYC.  Hattie (24) teaches 4th grade in Greensboro, NC.  Lane and Quinn (22) graduated from UNC and West Point, respectively.  The twins are now commissioned Second Lieutenants in the US Army.  Doc’s better half is working in her third book.  Doc keeps up with Jim Brown, ’83, Joe Whalen, Pete Langenhorst, ’81, and works with Guy DiRienzo.  And if you don’t think Doc’s living a sweet enough life, he and his dad opened a Handel’s Ice Cream franchise in Pittsburgh. It was great to see Maryann Gallagher Stanton at reunion.  I cross paths with other Stantons in Chicago, but never Maryann.  She has been at Northern Trust for over 24 years.  Tom Biltz is in Atlanta, but hoping to move back to Cleveland.  Whatever you do, don’t ask Tom about his kids!  Lesson learned. A couple memorable stories. Joe Basar remembered the time he was in charge of buying the 3.2 beer kegs for a mixer at JCU.  Joe preferred the stronger version of beer and the only thing that distinguished the two was a red mark on the plastic cap.  Joe bought a red marker and Dean McNally was never the wiser! Kevin Durkin was fortunate to escort the lovely Maureen Garvey – now McDonnell – to high school prom.  Years later, Maureen’s husband, Mark McDonnell, tried to introduce the two of them.  “Maureen, have you met Kevin?” Barb Nagel Rosene’s idea of being bi-coastal includes NYC (East Coast) and Cleveland (North Coast).  She is singing up a storm and painting, too.  Both avocations take her on the road extensively.  She recently sang with the Harry James Orchestra at Foxwoods Casino and had an art exhibit in Japan.  Oh yeah, she prefers “Barbara” these days, but we all knew her and loved her as “Barb”. Here’s a not complete list of classmates Katie Grace Brandt and I saw at reunion:  Jean Antonello Wasz, Judy Sullivan, Katie Carpenter Rose, Mary Rose Coburn Sullivan, Margaret Reardon, Dan Hilson, Jim Holler, Jim Hopkinson, Nick Burlij, Tim O’Callahan, JCU Board Members Jim Coyne and Nick Conyngham, Jim Redford, Joe Grace, Ellen Grace, Ann Marie Springle, Roberta Beni Fazio, Francine Gagliano, Maureen Strathern, Sue Katalinas, Rick Kuczmarski, Terry Fellin, and Suzie McChesney Whalen. Onward On! Paul Hulseman


Deb Solyan, Sheila Nelson, Sheila Bigane, Danny Reynolds & wife Kristine, Sandra Ryan & husband Mike O’Connor, Carrie Nelson & Jane (Broeren) Lambesis and husband Peter were in Ireland to hear Peter’s band play a gig in Westport, Ireland at Matt Malloy’s. 112 family & friends made the trip. They climbed Croagh Patrick Mountain then spent the evening laughing & celebrating at a pub called The Helm. Ed Devney Continues to be a leader in network television production. Ed was a Production Manager on the November 19th NFL game of the Raiders vs. Patriots in Mexico City. He will be in San Antonio heading up transportation for CBS Sports on the road to the Final Four for the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament in the Alamo City March 31st-April 2nd 2018. LJ O’Connor has been traveling with the Army. His son #48, Kyle O’Connor is a freshman on the Army football team and is the starting long snapper on punts. Kyle appeared in all ten Army football games and played at Ohio Stadium against Ohio State on September 16th, 2017. Kyle was a nationally ranked prospect in high school and has taken the spotlight to West Point. LJ’s other son Colin is a sophomore at GlenOak High School in Canton, Ohio. Colin excels in drama, speech and debate and participates in 4-Choirs that travel around Stark county. Colin’s talent took the stage as the lead in the school’s musical as a freshman.


When visiting the amazing Cleveland Museum of Art with my family earlier this year, we downloaded the Museum’s App that allows patrons to receive more information on the art they are observing location-based on what they are looking at in the Museum at the time.  It was a pleasant surprise to discover our classmate Mark Cole (84) virtually greeting us in the app and giving us background information on the very art we were viewing! According to the museum’s site, ( for the past 11 years Mark has been curator of American painting and sculpture at the Cleveland Museum of Art. “He completed the reinstallation and reinterpretation of these holdings as part of the museum’s extensive renovation and expansion, while simultaneously launching an extensive reframing initiative. He has presented several exhibitions…”   In addition to his JCU degree, Marc has a PhD from the University of Delaware specialized in the history of American art, and an MA in art history and museum studies from Case WRU.  Mark has a Fellowship in American Art, as well as a Smithsonian Fellowship in American Art.  So next time you visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, download their app, and let Marc enhance part of your tour as well! The Star Beacon newspaper in Ashtabula featured an article on 12/16/16 about our hometown hero Steve Anthony (’84)!  For the past six years Steve has been the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Cleveland Division (home to 6 million people). Steve has been with the bureau since 1988, and now oversees more than 500 employees.  Prior to his head post in Cleveland, Steve had positions with the bureau in Memphis and Washington DC. Steve spoke on many of his influential experiences throughout his career and he mentioned how during the Republican National Convention in July 2016 Northeastern Ohio was very supportive of law enforcement. Steve said: “People stepped up and said, ‘What can we do?’”  “I’ve never been part of a community more willing to assist law enforcement.” Because the FBI has a mandatory agent retirement age of 57, Steve will be stepping down in a few years.   He has no regrets. Steve is quoted as saying: “There’s nothing better, it’s a great mission that always has challenges. Not one day has been the same and I get to meet and work with so many great people in law enforcement.” (Michelle (’84) and I get a thrill each time we see Steve addressing issue on the local news!) …So what’s your local life news? Please share it! ~Don


With this the first edition of the revamped class notes section of the alumni journal, there will be a lot of change and will take some getting used to how to find the columns and information.   While change is always a constant and there are some growing pains, I believe this will be a great enhancement to how the University shares information and keeps our unique class column effort alive and thriving for many years to come.  As the way we all get our news continues to move more to a digital, online process (we had always been subscribers to the Chicago newspapers, but ultimately now get all of that news via subscriptions for online content access); the University is working to stay current with that trend and leverage an online format blended with two high quality print versions to help tell JCU’s story best. We had some great recent recognition of two of our classmates from an athletic and academic leadership perspective.   Greg Deblejak was named the Presidents’ Athletic Conference football coach of the year after leading his Case Western Reserve University team to a 10-0 regular season record and 17 of his players were named to the all-conference squad.   As of this writing, CWRU shut out Illinois Wesleyan in the first round of the NCAA playoffs and were set to take on Mount Union.  Go Spartans in that one! Vince Granito, my former next door neighbor (along with Paul Rossman) freshman year on the third floor of Pacelli was honored by JCU as part of its Magna Anima series honoring alumni from athletics “who have dedicated their lives to teaching and education”.   Thanks to the great write up –   we are able to learn about Vince’s impressive path to his PhD, his family, his coaching path from HS to the collegiate level, and his time at JCU majoring in psychology and four year football career.  Knowing Vince as a classmate and dorm friend, this is not surprise and great recognition for Vince.  Currently a Professor of Psychology and Head Women’s Basketball coach at Lorain County Community College, Vince is another great example of the strength of the class of ’87. One of the items I had hoped to get in the last column was a return to the classroom at JCU by Eric Sosinski.  This time it was not as a student, but as a visiting lecturer in the Boler School of Business.  Eric was asked to speak to Boler students on the business of music and entertainment.   My fellow WUJC disc jockey., Eric has made a great career as a professional musician as a primary member of a Pink Floyd tribute band called “Wish You Were Here” and also as the bassist for Michael Stanley and the Resonators, among other projects.   Well done, Eric! I made it out to JCU for Homecoming weekend in October.   It was great to be back, as always, and though the weather was not ideal, the crowds for the tailgating, food trucks, games, etc. was very impressive.   I was able to catch up with Mary (Walsh) and Tim Freeman on Friday night and see the Freeman family – Sean ’18, and Kevin and Maggie.  Kathleen is a freshman at Boston College.  On Saturday, breakfast was with Tom and Fran (Farinacci) Powers at Sweet Melissa restaurant just down from Pizzazz (nee Our Gang) at Warrensville Circle.   It was great to see Tom, Fran and their daughter Isabella ’18 and son Liam.  Their daughter Grace is a freshman at Ohio U in Athens and son Tom is at Kirtland High School. On a final note for now, the reason I was on campus for Homecoming is that I was asked to put my name in for consideration to the JCU National Alumni Board.  I decided to put my name in as a way to serve our alumni efforts and as a way to give back to JCU.   Evidently, the Board and the Alumni staff leadership must have thought I had something to offer as I was asked to join the Board and was on campus for the first meeting of the new Board in October over Homecoming weekend.    Having only had one meeting so far, I have much to learn; but extend to all of you and all alums the open door and desire to hear from each of you on any ways you feel our alumni efforts and even the broader University efforts can be improved or any ideas you have that I can try to relay and discuss with the Board.  Please consider letting me know any thoughts you have for this role, and of course, any and all updates you can send my way for this column. Dennis


HAPPY 2018!  I hope you’re all doing well and having a fantastic start to the year.  I really don’t know how it can be 2018 – talk about time flying while we’re all having fun.  It feels like just yesterday that we were hanging out on campus and now here we are 30 years later.  Whoa…The great thing about 2018 is… it’s our 30th Reunion!  Mark your calendars for June 8-10th and plan to come back to campus for a great weekend of fun and reconnecting with our class.  Join the Class of 1988 Facebook page (search John Carroll University Class of 1988 and Friends) and see updates as we get closer to our big weekend.  The people are what made our years at JCU so special and what makes Reunion so special is everyone coming back.  If you haven’t made a Reunion in a while, or ever, now’s the time.  30 years.  Now that’s worth some celebrating! Reunion is also a time to make a donation to the Carroll Fund.  Giving back is a way for each of us to continue supporting our alma mater and showing our gratitude for ALL we have gained from our JCU experience.  Every $ matters so commit to making a gift.  Let’s hit a class record for Reunion giving. As for other class news, Lisa Verszyla Cantalamessa, Jill (Gangidine) Frimel-Harvey, Michelle LoSchiavo, Dave Brickner, Karyn Sikaitis Brickner and I got together for dinner over Homecoming weekend and had a great time catching up.  A few of us ended up on Lee Road at The Tavern Company (formerly The Colony – sure miss that old place!) and we ran into Kevin Garmey who was there with a group of JCU friends.  What a great surprise to see Garms.  It was an awesome night and a great preview of the fun we’ll have when we all get together at Reunion. Also, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Ellen Maglicic Kramer for being elected to the Brecksville-Broadview Heights school board.  They are fortunate to have Ellen as an advocate for education in their community.  Ellen continues to practice law with her firm Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer and along with her husband John, keeps busy with their 3 kids Luke, Mia and Peter. That’s it for now.  Remember, REUNION, 2018…Be there. Until next time, all the best to everyone! Sharon



Greetings class of ’91!  Hoping you enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday season.  Everyone hunkered in for the winter?  Hate to rub it in, but it’s been an amazingly warm winter here in southwest Florida.  Mike Case!  You are my hero.  Mike and I had a great time catching up.  Charming as ever, he is the main anchor for the #1 rated morning news show in Youngstown, an NBC affiliate.  Not only is he a big local celebrity, he is the play by play announcer one of the local high schools.  While announcing a game recently he ran into Tom Larkin who is superintendent for the Kent City School District. Mike also ran into Megan Larkin (few years behind us) at a JCU football game and he had a BLAST!  You can tailgate now!  The tennis courts are set up with tents, the dance team performs and there is a prayer before the game.  Hope many of you locals attend – that sounds awesome.  Get in touch with Mike – he’d love to go with you! Mike recently took a trip to visit Scott Zeitiem (spelling WAY off) at his home in Oak Harbor.  They were joined by Mike Cummins, Joe LaBello and Tim Connor.  I’m sure there was a bit of fun had at that reunion!  Scott is a teacher and wrestling coach.  Mike and Tim are both in the printing business, one or both work for Shamrock Printing (Mike couldn’t recall if they work together) and Joe is in sales. Love hearing about classmates staying in touch!  Talked to my awesome pal Sam Siao Strathern and she was gearing up to run in the “Christmas Story” annual 5K.  Starts at the old Higbee’s on public square to the house where the movie was filmed.  Every runner gets a free tour of the house!  If I were closer Sam, I would totally be with you on that one! Speaking personally, what a crazy time of life this is – our oldest is gearing up to fly the nest this fall.  Florida has fantastic opportunities to attend state schools at radically reduced cost or even full rides for students who keep up their grades up and are exemplary overall individuals.  We are blessed to have our senior and junior in high school on the path towards reaping the benefits of this program.  College is like another planet (not just country) and you need a passport to get there.  Time sure does go by so, so fast.  Please make stay in touch!  I’d love to include you in the next column.  Until then, wishing everyone a happy, successful and healthy 2018.  God Bless. Mary


Greetings all! I hope that you are all well and enjoyed a fulfilling holiday season. Unfortunately I don’t have any updates to pass on to you this time, other than to let you know that this will be my last column for the Journal. After nearly six years it seems time to allow someone new to take over the enjoyable role of being our class scribe. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, I’d encourage you to email your interest to While it didn’t seem right to use my own updates as fodder for the columns I was writing, I promise to be the first to submit to our new writer to ensure a place to start! Until a new representative is established, please also email any updates to the above address. As always, I wish you the very best – Mary Jude


Our 20th year reunion will be on June 8-10th.  For more information, please check out the JCU website. Over these last 20 years, there have been so many changes.  And along this road, JCU friends and in some cases now spouses have been there for each other through the ups and downs.  When I think of reunion, it is certainly a celebration of a graduation anniversary, a great occasion to catch up with old friends, and to see the changes on a campus full of so many memories. I also see this as a celebration of the future.  Where JCU alums continue and grow lifelong friendships, raise families, create innovations, and find the strength and faith needed to leave this world better than we found it. I have a few updates from our fellow classmates. In July 2017, Ryan Huston along with his wife Jah and their two daughters moved from Washington, D.C. to Vienna, Austria.  Ryan works as a diplomat at the American Embassy.  He and the family are enjoying travel opportunities in Central Europe. Kristina (Rus) Cullis got married to Benjamin Cullis on May 28, 2016 at St. Christopher in Rocky River.  They honeymooned in Maui and Kauai and live in University Heights.  Ben and Kristina had a little girl on March 12, 2017.  Gabrielle Josephine Cullis is a jovial, fun and playful little 9 month old with a lot of energy. Christy (Wilder) Cheal and her husband, Bill, and had their son William Wilder Cheal on April 28, 2017.  She works at the Siegfried Group going on 12 years now as a Resource Director.  They live in Houston, TX and Christy shared that 2017 has certainly been the best year of her life so far! Alison (Winters) Scolaro and her husband Nick Scolaro ‘01 live in Willoughby Hills with their four boys, two of whom are enthusiastic Cub Scouts.  Recently they started helping local residents through their newly founded company, ServeU (  With a busy family like most of us, the Scolaro’s realized that there was a need to connect hard working students to others who are trying to find more hours in each day.  ServeU hires college students to do all sorts of chores, errands and other tasks for residents in the communities surrounding University Heights. See everyone at reunion this summer! Mike




Dana and Phil Schneeberger welcomed son, Nolan James on September 27th. Congrats Dana and Phil!


Exciting news for Jeannine (Stiglitz) Marong and her husband, who welcomed Maren Elizabeth to their family on August 1, 2017, joining older brother Colton…Allison Calabro was recently engaged at Acadia National Park in Maine. Although he didn’t attend JCU, her fiance Kyle is a big fan of London Fletcher! The couple is currently planning their wedding which will take place on September 29, 2018 in Northern Virginia…Congratulations to Elizabeth and Kevin (’06) Barmann on the birth of their third daughter, Abigail Frances, on July 6, 2017. She was happily welcomed by her two big sisters Nora (6), and Kate (3)!


In September 2017, Samantha Cocco started a new position at Case Western Reserve University in the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education. She has also continued to work as a local actor. Some of her recent work includes a supporting role in a local independent film about eating disorders and a starring role in a production with the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival. Megan Teter got engaged to Bryan Pastron on May 5, 2017. The two live in Lorain, OH. Megan works at Sherwin Williams as the National Fleet Dispatcher for Global Supply Chain and Bryan works at Cabinets To Go as a Design Specialist. Katelyn (Katie) Keresman and John (Rudy) Rudell ’08 became engaged on June 22, 2017 while taking a walk on JCU’s campus. They also closed on the purchase of their first home the very same day. They will marry in July 2018. E.J. and Dena (Provenzale) O’Neill welcomed their second daughter, Julia Dee O’Neill, on August 23, 2017. Julia is receiving lots of love from her big sister Anna. Katie (Saporito) Orlando has been keeping busy as a daisy scout leader, lunch and recess monitor, and taxi service for her daughter Abbie who is active through her swim team and dance. Abbie participated in the JCU reading program over the summer and is now in kindergarten. Katie is married to Nick Orlando ’11. Take a few moments out of your busy life and send in your news, update, or photos to be featured in the next column. I sure hope to hear from you!



With the change in season comes the excitement of highlights happening in the lives of our class! Weddings: Ellen Holodnak married Andy Matlock in a beautiful autumn wedding at the Church of the Holy Angels in Chagrin Falls at the end of September. The lively reception was held at the Welshfield Inn, in Burton, Ohio and was attended by many JCU alumni. Engagements: Katie Hiznay (‘12, ‘15G) and Steve Yonto (‘07) got engaged on September 20th. They plan on getting married on August 25, 2018 at St. John Cantius in Tremont where they both live. Anna Barnes (’12, ’14G) got engaged to Dave Olinger on June 15, 2017. While the couple currently resides in the greater NYC area, they’ll return to Cleveland for their wedding in September 2018. Anna currently works as a Brand Strategist at an ad agency. Job Updates: Michael Murray continues to work on his writing, working on a collection of short stories and personal essays, which will be titled, “Writing Naked.” The tentative release date will be July 2018 with plans to host readings/signings in Portland, Oregon and hopefully at John Carroll. Michael also recently left Portland and took a job running a restaurant located in Yosemite, CA. The face of the JCU Magazine and Class Columns will be changing. Going forward, there will be two published versions of the magazine in February and September. Other versions can be read online. Please continue to send in your updates at any time, as it is always a joy to keep in touch! Emily


Corrected from the print edition: Congratulations to Robert Law and Darcy Egan ‘16G, ‘15G who were married on December 30, 2017. The couple was surrounded by family and friends in an intimate ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church in Cleveland. In July 2017, John Coughlin began a four-year program at Wright State University’s Boonshoft School of Medicine. … Megan Carrig and Austin Boesch were engaged on July 30, 2017 in Erie, Pennsylvania. They are also planning to wed in Erie in the summer of 2019, but have not yet selected a date. … Annaka Whitehouse began working for The Siegfried Group on June 27, 2017. She will be working out of the Cleveland office as a Senior Associate. … Becca Magyar and Rich Waldo were married on October 7, 2017 in Orwell, Ohio. The two were engaged in December of 2016 in the Pocono Mountains and are looking forward to their new life together. … Andy Martin proposed to his new fiancé, Christine Hackett, on April 28, 2017 in Wilmington, North Carolina. They are planning a wedding in Raleigh, North Carolina on April 6, 2018. … Bill Cook and Mary Sullivan were engaged over the Thanksgiving holiday at a Christmas tree farm in Northern Illinois. Bill is currently in his final year at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Kent College of Law and is on track to graduate in May 2018. After his graduation, the couple is planning a wedding in Chicago later in 2018. … Pat Stone and Tracey Engle were engaged at Creekside in Gahanna, Ohio on October 28, 2017. The couple has been busy planning their wedding ceremony which will take place on October 6, 2018 at Irongate Equestrian Center in Croton, Ohio. … Owen Timlin proposed to his new fiancé, Kathryn Mason, on September 2, 2017 in Little Italy on the east side of Cleveland. The couple has set a date for the wedding of July 28, 2018 at Crystal Brook Farms in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. … It’s hard to believe that our five-year reunion is almost here! I hope to see all of you in June of 2018 to catch up and celebrate. Please feel free to send updates to the alumni office or to my email address. As well, don’t be afraid to call me or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Larry

Corrected from the print edition: Congratulations to Robert Law and Darcy Egan ‘16G, ‘15G who were married on December 30, 2017. The couple was surrounded by family and friends in an intimate ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church in Cleveland.


I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season with friends and family.  I can’t believe it is approaching four years since we’ve graduated from Carroll.  There is a lot of exciting news to share about our classmates.  Mike Spettel moved out to Los Angeles in June for a position in accounting consulting with CNM, LLP.  Mike O’Grady left his position at the University of Maine and is now the head women’s ice hockey coach at Nichols College in Dudley, MA.  Maureen Ginley received her MFA degree from Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts in the Creative Writing Program.  She is currently working as a content editor at a marketing agency in the Arena District in Columbus, Ohio.   Danny Gonzalez recently started a new job at the NASA Safety Center. Congrats to Erin Sarantou and Mark Beechuk (’12).  The couple was married on August 19th.  Rachael Dittmar and Alex Hurd (’15) became engaged this summer and the couple is planning a Fall 2018 wedding.  Congrats also to Ty McTigue and Chelsea Gerken.  Ty proposed to Chelsea in Central Park earlier this spring. The two will get married in Downtown Cleveland in December 2018. Ty is a strategic account manager for GE and Chelsea works in the Office of Alumni Relations at JCU and owns a sugar cookie bake shop. It’s so great to hear our classmates’ success stories.  Please continue to share any updates me via email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  


Hey Blue Streaks! Happy to be back at it with more wonderful updates from our very busy class! To begin with the ever-growing list of educational pursuits, a big congratulations to… Michael Younes, who graduated in May with his Master of Arts in in Theology and Religious Studies from JCU… Scott Willis completed a Master of Science in Exercise Science in July, and has just been accepted into a Doctor of Health Science and Exercise Leadership program set to begin in January! … Sabrina Rocco and Eleanor Axson both graduated from the University of Michigan School of Public Health this past spring. Sabrina earned a Master of Science in toxicology, and Eleanor a Master of Public Health in epidemiology. Khadar Soussou graduated this past May with his MBA from JCU, and also proposed to his girlfriend under the Playhouse Square chandelier in February of 2017. Speaking of engagements and weddings, we have so many coming our way! … Angela Cardena got engaged to Chris Spengler in Buffalo, NY on July 21, 2017. … Danielle Ketterer and Cory Schneck ‘13 are engaged as of this summer… Danny McNamara ‘16 proposed to Kayla Leech in Naples, FL at the end of October 2017. … David Brill got married to Maggie Bain in The Woodlands, TX on August 5, 2017 with many members of the Class of 2015 in attendance. Looks like it was a blast! …Mary (Weinandy) Repka was married in September 2016 Greg Repka. He is an officer in the Air Force, and the couple has recently moved from Mississippi to England! They will be traveling Europe for the next 3 years. While abroad, Mary is working on a Master’s degree in education and hopes to teach upon returning to the States. Austin Gray is currently living in St. Louis, MO, where he is a Senior Specialist for Global Mobility Services at MasterCard … Alexandra Freyvogel is now teaching social studies at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, PA… We also have a great group of Streaks who are making Cleveland a better place at work! … Emily Grazia is now a realtor for Keller Williams Real Estate Services in Cleveland. … Brittany Webb is currently an Enriched Mathematics Teacher at Woodbury Intermediate Elementary School in Shaker Heights, OH. … Chris Rizzo just finished his third season on the coaching staff for the Blue Streak football team as he works to earn his M.Ed. … The last couple months of 2017 brought several engagements to the Class of 2015! Abigail Rings got engaged to Nathan Knox in Cleveland in November. Nicholas Lemanski proposed to Alyssa Dammann on Christmas Day. The couple has recently relocated from Cleveland to a neighborhood outside of Detroit, MI. Additionally, Adam Tome proposed to Nikki Keller under the Playhouse Square chandelier on December 22. The couple was greeted afterward at a gathering with many JCU alumni and friends. We send congratulations to all of these couples, and wish them bright and happy futures! Please keep your updates coming, as there are going to be plenty of upcoming opportunities for me to share them. I’ve created an ongoing online form where you can submit your updates at any time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if you need anything at all; I love representing the voices of our class and can’t wait to hear from you! AMDG! – Bri


My dad, Patrick Sweeney, ‘81, and I often talk about my college career. He says, “I knew you were going to do great things, but I never expected you to do all that you did.” I think it’s funny, because when I look back on my time at John Carroll, I was being as ambitious and diligent as each of my classmates. I always thought it was something in the water, that JCU had this way of engulfing its students with a passionate mindset. We saw it in our teachers, sports teams, on the quad, and in the basements of Warrensville homes. Passion, quite simply, resonates within the JCU community, and here is where it’s taken the class of 2016: Mackenzie Davies is working as a Bid Coordinator on the Global Sales team for Alexander Mann Solutions. She says being a part of the global team and having the ability to travel is her favorite part. Mackenzie lives in Cleveland with another ‘16 graduate, Will Starks. Will is a Patient Service Representative in the Cleveland Clinic emergency room and is preparing for medical school. He coaches Hawken Upper School’s freshman basketball team. Mackenzie and Will are engaged to be married on September 22, 2018. Their wedding party includes JCU alumni Julie Lazanich, Preston Williams, Warren Starks and myself. We wish you lifelong happiness, Will and Mack! … Frankie Caponi has worked for Cohen and Company for one year and has officially passed his CPA (way to go Fdawg)! He recently moved to Lakewood where he lives with class of ‘16 graduates Will Cameron, Michael Hydzik and Matt Chojnacki. These former cross country and track stars are the same silly, sarcastic babes we’ve come to know and love. … Corinne Hendrock recently joined me in Columbus. Last year she took part in a year of service in Pittsburgh at UPMC’s Center for Healthcare Research through the Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE). She is now completing her Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology and Global Health at The Ohio State University. She hopes to study global infectious disease and was recently hired as a graduate teaching assistant for an introductory statistical software course (SAS). …Stephen Alexander is working in Chicago at PWC doing M&A Counseling. He enjoys the people he works with, and appreciates the firm’s emphasis on learning and development. Outside of work, Stephen has been training for his first marathon and volunteering at a local homeless shelter. … Emmy Jenkins moved to Pittsburgh upon graduation and is an Account Manager at an IT firm called Mastech Digital where she sells staffing and projects. After eight months Emmy was promoted to a managerial position. In her free time, she is the assistant coach and head of sprints for outdoor and indoor track and field at Montour High School. She recently adopted an 8-week old kitten named Titus. …Renee Fregeau currently lives in Akron and is working for Elmcroft Senior Living where she is working in sales and marketing. She organizes events and works with admissions to move in new members of the assisted living community. Renee loves her job – she hears countless life and love stories. In her free time, she loves traveling to the different places her JCU friends now live. … Andrew Snyder works at Quicken Loans as a mortgage banker in downtown Cleveland at the Higbee building. He finds refinancing people’s homes very rewarding, because he often feels with those struggling financially. Andrew provides relief to their financial situations and works toward making their lives easier. The greatest reward is the gratitude expressed after he helps someone. Andrew is truly encompassing the John Carroll way. … Sydney Muggia is currently in her second year of Teach for America in Jacksonville, Florida, and she plans on teaching a third year. Her kids as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), so she loves putting her Spanish degree to use throughout the day. Sydney loves living just minutes from the beach, and she is currently looking into receiving her Masters in Counseling next year. As the weather cools and holiday decorations go up and down, know that I am continuously praying and thinking of all of you. My dad was right–we did a lot of good in college–and I wholeheartedly believe we’re going to move mountains as alumni. I wish you all a safe and happy new year. Stay warm, stay cool, and stay joyful. See you soon, friends–hopefully at Dive Bar. With love and gratitude, Madeline


It has been almost five months since the Class of 2017 has moved on from our home for four years, and went forth to set the world on fire. Although it was a gloomy day outside when Commencement was held at The Wolestein Center, that did not set the precedent for our post-graduate lives. From London, to Orlando and San Diego, our Blue Streaks have moved wide and far to spread our wisdom. Many of our fellow students have moved on to further their education by enrolling in graduate school programs. Sara Mattison, Feeroozeh Saghafi, Anthony Trocchio, and Sal Corrao did not stray far from University Heights. The four will graduate from John Carroll again in May with Master’s of Business Administration. Also close by, Sara Martinko started a 5-year doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Lizzie Posney moved on to enroll in Pharmacy School at Ohio State University. Both Haley Kocisko and Shannon Poppe have relocated to Boston, MA. Haley is currently teaching seventh grade science at Archbishop Williams High School while completing her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College. Shannon is also currently enrolled at Boston College pursuing her Master’s in Higher Education while working in the Office of Residential Life. Kenny Hanna has moved on to The University of Notre Dame where he is working to complete is Master’s of Science in Accountancy. This program expands on the undergraduate accounting courses and he will graduate in May. Patrick Bucyana is also enrolled in graduate school in London, where he has been living since September. Patrick is attending The London School of Economics and Political Science, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Rights. He also hopes to continue on to attend law school Catie Pauley has moved to San Diego, CA and is working to get her Master’s Degree in International Relations at the University San Diego. Cara Sutherland was just promoted to a Program Specialist at Brandmuscle here in Cleveland, but will be joining Catie this February in sunny San Diego, where she will work remotely. Both Morgan Sinder and Tara Daly have relocated to Orlando, Florida and are working for Disney. Tara is working in sales for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, while Morgan is working in Human Resources for Partner’s Federal Credit Union. Mackenzie Pautler also started her career as an Account Executive for Global Prairie. The company is an international certified benefit corporation located in Washington D.C. Thank you to those who contributed their updates to this column! Please reach out to me with any exciting news or life events for future columns. Until next time, Christine Gaab.

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2005–Jennifer Tolhurst
2006–Christine Bohn
2006–Roberta Muoio
2007–Lisa Iafelice
2007–Brittany Bush
2008–Ann Awadalla
2009–Lisa Urgan Pacconi
2010–Meghan O’Keefe
2011–Maura Jochum
2012–Emily Herfel
2013–Larry Napoli
2014–Desiree Tercek
2015–Bri Lazarchik
2016–Madeline Sweeney
2017–Christine Gaab