Richard A. “Dick” Starr ’70 graduated with a Bachelor of Science Business Administration (B.S.B.A) and is the CEO/President of Enterprise HVAC Service & Control (The Enterprise Corporation).

Tips on running your home furnace more efficiently

Although our business is non-residential, my recommendation to homeowners is to run your furnace fan continuously. This assumes you live in the house year round. This action will lower your overall operating costs associated with the HVAC.

Hot air rises, cold air drops, so if the thermostat fan is positioned “on” vs. “auto”, the air will turbulate and be filtered continuously. This action will narrow the temperature stratification between hot/cold air and keep the occupants more comfortable, all this while saving energy and filtering the air you breathe.

Business Highlight: Recognized as 2011 “Commercial HVAC Contractor of the Year” by largest trade publication in USA.

Favorite JCU Memory: Prior to the KSU riots in 1968, my JCU buddies wanted me to join them “stretching our bodies across Warrensville Center Road” in protest of the Vietnam War….I thought they were nuts!

About Enterprise HVAC Service & Control
Our business is 100% industrial, commercial, institutional covering the entire Northeast/North Central, Ohio community. We specialize in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) service, building control integration and air/water balance. These niche services take us into schools, hospitals, industrial plants and office buildings.

Meanwhile, the everyday mission of the company is to create an environment conducive to productivity, safety, indoor air quality, at the lowest possible energy cost.

You can find Enterprise HVAC Service & Control and many other alumni owned businesses on the JCU Alumni Business Directory,