Academic Hold — Assistant Deans Office
Academic hold placed by the Dean’s Office because an academic issue needs to be resolved.

College of Arts and Sciences Contact: Office of the Associate Dean, Academic Advising  216-397-4219  Administration Building Room AD05

Boler School of Business Contact: Office of the Assistant Dean  216-397-4391  SB Room 117

Admission Hold
This hold has four purposes: 1) Admission is still missing an official copy of college transcript from another university; 2) Student’s acceptance was on condition that we receive a positive transfer reference form the last school attended; 3) Transient student must re-register through our office each new semester; or 4) Readmitted students must submit a deposit before registering.

Undergraduate Contact:  216-397-4294 Rodman Hall, Room 205/206

Graduate School Contact:  216-397-4284  Administration Bldg, Room 125

Conduct Hold — Dean of Students Office
Students are placed on a disciplinary hold for having incomplete disciplinary actions or for students who have been suspended from the University for conduct issues.

Contact: 216-397-3010  D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Suite 207

Financial Aid Hold(s)– Office of Financial Aid
A financial aid hold indicates there is an issue that needs to be resolved with your application for aid. Please review the Eligibility and Requirements tab on the Student Financial Services home page.

Contact: Office of Financial Aid  216-397-4248  Rodman Hall, Office of Financial Aid, Rooms 205/206

Financial Hold(s)– Student Financial Services
A financial hold indicates an unpaid balance on your student account due to late payment or returned check(s) that must be resolved. For additional information we recommend you view your Student Account page.

Contact: Cashier, Student Servies Center  216-397-4494  Administration Building, Student Service Center, Room G-37

Health Services Form Hold– Student Health Center
Students are required to submit a complete health history form before beginning enrollment at the University. To remove the Health Form block a student needs to submit a completed health history form by fax or mail to the Student Health Center.

Contact:  Student Health Center  216-397-4349 

Transcript Hold
A transcript hold indicates an unpaid balance on your student account. An account must be paid in full prior to the release of a transcript. For additional information, please view your Student Account Page.

Contact: Cashier, Student Service Center  216-397-4494  Administration Building, Student Service Center, Room G-37