Working on campus is a great way for students to make friends, network, and earn some spending money. Our students earn minimum wage and many choose to work in the same office all four years. Students employed on campus are expected to maintain satisfactory standards of academic progress.

Over 800 students are currently working on campus at John Carroll. Of our 800+ students, 250 work in academic departments, the majority work in various administrative departments, and 108 work for campus services. Some of these positions are available to students outside of the Federal Work Study program. Originally, jobs on campus are assigned as priority through the financial aid process. Students with Federal Work Study are given first opportunity to fulfill open positions on campus during the first two weeks of the fall semester. After that date other students may have an opportunity to work on campus depending on job availability. Be sure to check the available jobs for details on which departments have a need each semester. Jobs will be posted near the beginning of the fall semester.