Student Loans are often necessary to pay for a private education, but, like any personal debt, they should be minimized as much as possible. You spend four years studying and getting involved, but when graduation time comes around, it is time to get a job and start paying back the debt. It is our goal to help students be prepared for that day.

When all other methods of financing have been exhausted, student loans then become part of your financial planning as a family. One temptation to avoid is taking out loans for more than the cost of your tuition. Getting a loan for $5,000 when you only need $3,000 to pay off your tuition bill and then pocketing the difference is very tempting. But try to resist, if you can. Beyond loan counseling, you should see Student Enrollment and Financial Services as a resource for debt counseling as well. The choices you make during your undergraduate years will be with you for a while and we want to ensure you are positioned to succeed with fiscal responsibility and realism as a John Carroll graduate.