John Carroll participates in various tuition remission and tuition exchange programs for families that work in higher education across the country. All of our programs are limited to dependent children of eligible employees if the students meet admission standards and are accepted for admission. John Carroll also participates in three programs that offer full or partial tuition remission for selected, accepted incoming freshmen. Each year we receive more interest from students to participate in these programs than spaces available. For that reason all students are encouraged to apply for admission in a timely way. Additionally, JCU maintains a wait list for students admitted to the University but not originally awarded a position in one of these programs.

    Dependent children whose parents are employed at U.S. Jesuit universities (27 of the 28, the exception being Georgetown) may be eligible to participate in the program. In principle, students who are eligible for faculty/staff tuition remission at their home institution would be eligible to be considered for a slot in JCU’s FACHEX program. Eligible students should contact the FACHEX liaison at their home institution who will send a letter of eligibility directly to John Carroll University.
  • Tuition Exchange Program (TEP)
    TEP manages tuition exchange for a large number of participating institutions. Eligible students should contact the TEP liaison at their home institution who will fill out an electronic form on the website that certifies eligibility for the program.
  • Council Of Independent Colleges (CIC-TEP)
    The CIC Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP) is a network of CIC colleges and universities willing to accept, tuition-free, students from families of full-time employees of other CIC-TEP institutions. Each participating institution in the network agrees to import a limited number of students on the same admission basis as they accept all other students, without regard to the number of students it exports. The CIC-TEP was planned and developed more than two decades ago with a goal of creating a true-access program, without any costly fees or cumbersome credit-debit limitations. Eligible students should contact the CIC-TEP liaison at their home institution who will fill out a form that will be sent to the prospective college to certify eligibility for the program.
  • JCU Tuition Benefits
    Based upon employee status and date of hire, JCU employees are eligible for a reduction in their tuition charges for themselves, their spouses, and/or their dependent children to enroll and take courses at John Carroll University. Please consult the appropriate Employee Handbook and the Human Resources Department with any questions about the tuition benefits for which you are eligible.