2016-17 Financial Aid Forms

    • Consortium Agreement  – To be completed by JCU students who wish to take courses at another institution and have those courses transfer back to a degree program at JCU.
    • Financial Aid Appeal – To be completed by students and their families if they are experiencing a financial situation that is not reflected on the student’s FAFSA.
    • Parent Title IV Authorization Form – To be completed by parents who have obtained a Parent PLUS loan so that JCU can apply your Title IV funds to pay open charges that your student may incur throughout the year in addition to tuition, fees, room, and board.
    • Verification Form – To be completed by students who have been selected for verification. Note: Do not complete this form unless you have been specifically asked to do so by the Office of Financial Aid.
    • Authorization to Release – Allows the Financial Aid Office to discuss your financial aid information with person or persons designated on this form.
    • Loan Change Request Form – To be completed by students who A) have already received a Financial Aid Award Letter that shows Federal Direct Loan eligibility; B) who wish to change the amount of Federal Direct Loan(s) that have been offered to them by either declining, reducing, or requesting a loan that had previously been declined or reduced; or C) whose parents have applied for and have been denied a Federal Direct PLUS loan.
    • Summer Aid Application/Info Sheet– To be completed by JCU students who will take summer courses at JCU or another institution and want to be considered for summer aid.
    • Employment Forms – For work-study.