New student employees must complete the following forms:

  • Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification Form.        **Make sure to bring acceptable forms of identification with you when you turn in this form. See page 3 of the Form I-9 for a list of acceptable identification. All identification must be the original; copies will not be accepted. Originals will NOT be kept, they will be returned to the student after reviewed and recorded.
  • Form W-4: Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. Must be completed for tax purposes.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form: Direct deposit of your payroll check into your bank account is convenient and a real time-saver for busy college students. You will have immediate access to your funds versus always needing to deposit the checks yourself near campus at a local bank.
  • Student Employment Application: Must be completed by both the student and supervisor.

Returning student employees:

  • Student employees returning to the same department, only need to complete the Student Employment Rehire Form given to them by their supervisor.

Once all forms have been completed, please turn them into a Student Services Counselor located in Rodman 205 & 206 to be processed.

Please refer to the Student Payroll Schedule for information on when timesheets are due and when your paycheck will be deposited into your account.