There is a vast amount of information about financial aid on the web. Beyond every college’s own websites, there are many other respected professional resources to help guide you through the financial aid and scholarship process. What follows are some of the trusted resources that even we turn to for advice!

Remember two overall tips:

  • You should never need to pay someone for financial aid help, advice, or “guarantees” of financial assistance. Always avoid sites or consultants that require fees.
  • Be sure to consult the websites for each college you are considering. They will each have their own institutional deadlines, forms, and policies for you to follow.
Link Description
FAFSA Complete the FAFSA online
Get your FSA ID Apply for your FSA ID
Department of Education General financial aid information
National Student Loan Database View student loan debt
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services View student loan debt and make payments
Selective Service Register or verify registration
Financial Aid Overview General financial aid information/EFC Calculator
Private Scholarship Research Free scholarship search
JCU Payment Information Payment information
Loan Forgiveness Loan Forgiveness
Social Security Administration Contact SSA for verification of income
Internal Revenue Service Contact IRS for tax transcript