Financial Aid for Studying Abroad

Student Enrollment and Financial Services works in conjunction with the Center for Global Education to assist students who are interested in studying abroad. Available financial aid for study abroad depends on the program, and on each individual student’s financial aid award from John Carroll. Some study abroad programs allow all types of aid to be applied toward study abroad costs, while other programs only allow federal aid to be utilized. After you have decided on a study abroad program, consult a Student Services Counselor to determine which of your aid can be used to help pay for your program. This information can also be found on the Center for Global Education website and on the chart below.

Financial Aid Eligibility

To be considered for financial aid for a study abroad program, a student must be:

  • Enrolled at least half-time (six credit hours)
  • Making Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Participating in a program approved by the Center for Global Education

Additionally, if you are planning on utilizing any aid other than JCU scholarships, we must have a current, completed FAFSA on file for you.

Program Costs

The Center for Global Education notifies Student Enrollment and Financial Services of all the costs associated with your program. When we receive this information, we adjust the cost of your attendance to reflect the estimated costs for your particular program. An award notice will be emailed to you with a message indicating your program costs have been added to your award. Contact the Center for Global Education with questions regarding the costs of your program, or refer to their website.

Consortium Agreements

Some programs through other colleges or universities require a consortium agreement in order for any aid to be applied to study abroad costs. Consult a Student Services Counselor to determine whether this form is needed for your program. The form is available here.

Additional Information