Related to government funding, our office:

  • Collaborates with University colleagues and external consultants to develop strategies for achieving institutional priorities through government funding.
  • Enlists and supports other University offices in preparing proposals for federal and state grants — both competitive grants and earmarked appropriations.
  • Develops a legislative advocacy network of University alumni to work with elected state and federal representatives to urge them to preserve core state and federal support for the University and higher education.
  • Manages the work of consultants who may be retained (project specific) to assist with government funding at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Cultivates long-term and ongoing relationships between key constituents (e.g., members of the University‚Äôs Board of Directors, alumni, other civic leaders) and public officials who are in a position to help the University.
  • Arranges meetings between University leaders / key constituents and public officials to obtain support for proposed projects.