John Carroll welcomes applications from students at community colleges who are looking to transfer to complete their four-year bachelor’s degree. The limit of transfer credit is 60-semester hours.

We also have established Articulation Agreements with Cuyahoga County Community College and Lakeland Community College.  Please contact your Enrollment Manager for details.

For information about course credits, core requirements, and how credit will transfer from some of our local community colleges, please consult the following Transfer Guides:

You can also consult a list of how courses have transferred in to JCU in the past by visiting our Registrar’s Office website.


Reduced core policy for students who transfer in 45+ credits. *Please see below for details.

The following courses must be transferred in or be taken at John Carroll to meet core or program prerequisites:
(1) EN 125, Seminar on Academic Writing, or its equivalent.
(2) Some programs of study require foundational coursework in oral communication, foreign language, or quantitative analysis. (The prerequisites for these programs will not be waived.)

In addition, students who bring in 45+ credits must complete the following core requirements at John Carroll:
(1) One linked pair of courses from the Integrative component of the core curriculum.
(2) One Engaging the Global Community course from the Integrative component of the core curriculum.
(3) Two courses (6 credits) from the Jesuit Heritage component of the core curriculum.