John Carroll has three highly-competitive signature programs inspired by our University Learning Goals. These programs come with an annual scholarship up to $5,000 and require coursework and meaningful experiences. Students in these programs also have the opportunity to join the Signature Program Living-Learning Community.

Arrupe Scholars Program

arrupe studentsDo you have a strong commitment to service and social justice issues? The Arrupe Scholars Program will help you gain the skills you need to be an agent for good in a community and world that needs you.




Honors Program

celebration of scholarship student speakingDo you want to take a more active role in your learning experience? The Honors program seeks students who will cultivate and share their intellectual gifts and love for learning with others.




Leadership Scholars Program

tour guide on campusDo you want to be a change agent and have a positive impact on the John Carroll community and world around you? The Leadership Scholars Program focuses on helping you become a person of remarkable character who, through the Jesuit tradition of servant leadership, can become an agent for transformative change.

“Through the Leadership Scholars Program, I have been challenged and thus shaped into the leader that I am today. Because of this program and all that I have learned and experienced, I eagerly await the day when I will become a leader in the field of education.”  –Haley Kocisko, Education Major from Cincinnati, Ohio



These programs require separate online applications, which open the week of August 6. You may apply to any or all of these programs, but students can only participate in one. (Be sure to also complete your application for admission by December 1.)

The signature scholarship can be added to any merit-based scholarship award.