Enrollment managers (EM) have a specified territory, and every high school has an assigned EM. Use the tables below to find your enrollment manager. Click on the person’s name for a brief biography and contact information.

Domestic (United States)

State/TerritoryEnrollment Manager
AlabamaAbby Joyce
AlaskaAbby Joyce
ArizonaAbby Joyce
ArkansasAbby Joyce
CaliforniaAbby Joyce
ColoradoAbby Joyce
ConnecticutPatrick McDermott
DelawarePatrick McDermott
District of ColumbiaPatrick McDermott
FloridaAbby Joyce
GeorgiaAbby Joyce
HawaiiAbby Joyce
IdahoAbby Joyce
IllinoisAbby Joyce
IndianaAbby Joyce
IowaAbby Joyce
KansasAbby Joyce
KentuckyCullin Fish
LouisianaAbby Joyce
MainePatrick McDermott
MarylandPatrick McDermott
MassachusettsPatrick McDermott
MichiganAlexandra Edwards
MinnesotaAbby Joyce
MississippiAbby Joyce
MissouriAbby Joyce
MontanaAbby Joyce
NebraskaAbby Joyce
NevadaAbby Joyce
New HampshirePatrick McDermott
New JerseyPatrick McDermott
New MexicoAbby Joyce
New YorkLoni Ben-Zvi
North CarolinaAbby Joyce
North DakotaAbby Joyce
OhioVarious - Click Here
OklahomaAbby Joyce
OregonAbby Joyce
PennsylvaniaAllison Goldhammer
Puerto RicoAbby Joyce
Rhode IslandPatrick McDermott
South CarolinaAbby Joyce
South DakotaAbby Joyce
TennesseeAbby Joyce
TexasAbby Joyce
UtahAbby Joyce
VermontPatrick McDermott
Virgin IslandsAbby Joyce
VirginiaPatrick McDermott
WashingtonAbby Joyce
West VirginiaAllison Goldhammer
WisconsinAbby Joyce
WyomingAbby Joyce


Area of the WorldEnrollment Manager
AfricaChristina (Anderson) Sobh
AustraliaChristina (Anderson) Sobh
CanadaChristina (Anderson) Sobh
CaribbeanChristina (Anderson) Sobh
Central AmericaChristina (Anderson) Sobh
East AsiaChristina (Anderson) Sobh
EuropeChristina (Anderson) Sobh
Middle EastChristina (Anderson) Sobh
New ZealandChristina (Anderson) Sobh
Pacific IslandsChristina (Anderson) Sobh
RussiaChristina (Anderson) Sobh
South AmericaChristina (Anderson) Sobh
South Central AsiaChristina (Anderson) Sobh