Students in good standing who have been absent from the University for less than one calendar year and have not attended another college or university may be re-admitted without applying formally. These students should obtain a permit to register from the Registrar’s Office.


Students who have been absent from the University for more than one calendar year or have attended another university during that time must formally apply for re-admission to John Carroll University.

To apply, students should complete and submit the Application for Re-admission. Students who have attended other colleges or universities are required to supply official transcripts from each school attended in addition to a  completed Transfer Reference Form.

All re-admission students are held to degree and curricular requirements in force at the time of their re-admission to the University.


Students under notice of dismissal from the University are ineligible to apply for re-admission until the lapse of one semester and one summer. Students who wish to be considered for re-instatement after the expiration of this time period must submit the Application for Re-admission and a written petition to the Admission Committee, which includes the following:

  1. Explanation of probable reasons for scholastic deficiencies.
  2. Explanation of the manner in which intervening time has been spent.
  3. Reasons why favorable consideration for re-instatement should be given.
  4. Why/how they will be successful upon return to JCU.

Students who have attended other colleges or universities after dismissal from John Carroll must present official transcripts from all other institutions attended in addition to a completed Transfer Reference Form. Petitions for re-instatement should be submitted at least one month prior to registration.