2015-2016 Costs for Full-Time Undergraduates

On-Campus Student Commuter Student
Tuition: $35,930 Tuition: $35,930
Room and Board: $10,920* Room and Board: $0
Fees: $1,250 Fees: $1,250
Total: $48,100 Total: $37,180

*Room and board rates will vary based on the building, room type and amenities, and meal plan chosen.

Standard Double Room $5,940
Triple Room $4,990

14 Meals Per Week + $100 Dining Dollars $4,980
175 Meals Per Semester + $150 Dining Dollars $4,980
125 Meals Per Semester + $250 Dining Dollars $4,980

Board Premium Options
Unlimited Meals + $100 Dining Dollars $5,740
250 Meals Per Semester + $100 Dining Dollars $5,270

Commuter Plans 
45 Meals Per Semester + $25 Dining Dollars $445
100 Meals Per Semester + $100 Dining Dollars $995

About our Fees 

  • The Student Activity Fee (SAF) provides for numerous activities that directly benefit students, including programs, services, student facility improvements, and events. These activities enrich the student experience, build community, and encourage students to live out the Jesuit mission to lead and serve.
  • The Student Technology Fee contributes to the purchase, implementation, and support of information technology that directly benefits students and the overall academic learning environment. The technology fee supports the wireless campus, the help desk to troubleshoot/repair student-owned PCs, campus computer labs and classrooms, and printing services.
  • The Student Health & Wellness Fee provides students with Health Center services including nursing care, over-the-counter medicine, medical supplies, and free consultations with a licensed nutritionist. The fee also supports the University Counseling Center, Health Education and Promotion programming, and the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.