2014-2015 Tuition and Fees

The following represents tuition and fees for all full-time undergraduate students.
Student Activity Fee$400
Student Technology Fee$500
Student Health & Wellness Fee$300
Total Tuition and Fees$35,800
Orientation Fee (one-time only fee, added to the fall semester bill)$325


2014-2015 Room Rates

JCU differentiates room pricing based on amenities provided within each residence hall. The following represents rates for first-year living options.
Campion Hall - Double Room$5,700
Campion Hall - Triple Room$4,800
Dolan Hall - Double Room$5,700
Dolan Hall - Single Room$7,300
Pacelli Hall - Double Room$5,700
Pacelli Hall - Single Room$7,300


2014-2015 Board Rates

Residential meal plans are required for all students living in the residence halls.
14 Meals Per Week + $100 Dining Dollars$4,800
175 Meals Per Semester + $150 Dining Dollars$4,800
125 Meals Per Semester + $250 Dining Dollars$4,800
250 Meals Per Semester + $100 Dining Dollars$5,080
Unlimited Meals + $100 Dining Dollars$5,530
Commuter meal plans are optional for any student commuting from home.
45 Meals Per Semester + $25 Dining Dollars$430/semester
100 Meals Per Semester + $100 Dining Dollars$960/semester


The full cost of education can be found at jcu.edu/tuition.