Major: Middle Childhood Education
Sport: Lacrosse

Beyond the field: I am the treasurer of Students Empowering Women, the secretary of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and a part of Take Back the Night and Carroll Crazies. I am also a tour guide and I take part in different service opportunities on campus.

Describe your sport involvement in detail.

I have been a part of the women’s lacrosse team at John Carroll since 2014. I am a midfielder on the team. On top of that, I was named captain for my sophomore and junior year seasons. I love to be with the team whenever I can. They are some of my best friends. I see them at our weekly lifts, in the dining hall, at practice, or even in the library; you usually cannot find me without one by my side!

Tell us about your relationship with your coaches and teammates.

My relationships with my coaches and teammates are relationships I would not trade for the world. Through the years on the team, we all have been hit with many bumps in our path, like many other teams, but the women’s lacrosse coaches are so supportive. And together with them and my other teammates, we work through it. The coaches really want the team to succeed not only on the field, but succeed in the classroom as well. I walk into my coach’s office for a quick question, and end up staying there for hours. We get lost in conversation about lacrosse, school, and other needs that I may have. The coaches also help foster relationships among the team. Without our coaching staff, the relationships created with my teammates would have been much weaker. Our coaches recruit women to the team who they think would fit into the Jesuit motto of being “men and women for and with others.” With that, my relationship with my teammates has been one of a kind. They are some of my best friends not only on campus, but I know they will be lifelong friends, too.

Has your athletic participation shaped your educational experience?

Every John Carroll athlete is held to a high standard on and off of the field of having good character. When we travel, other schools are judging the whole University off of the way the team presents itself. Through this, each team has been known for showing great character. Our team prides itself on being respectful to all of our opponents. This shines through after the last whistle of every game. Our team carries itself with pride through shaking hands with the other team. Even if the result did not go our way and the game was lost from uncontrollable factors, we know we left everything on the field. For me, this speaks volumes for the character our team and athletic department has.

Is it hard to balance school and sports in college?

Being a college athlete will always be challenging, but JCU tries to make the transition from high school to JCU as smooth as possible. We, the student-athletes of John Carroll, are students first, then athletes. Our coaches realize we are here to get an education. They are supportive when we have a midterm or an important project. They help in many ways, they sometimes even allow us to leave practice a little early, or show up late. On top of that, our professors here also want us to succeed. They provide office hours to help with questions outside of class. If you cannot make them, they will schedule another time to meet with you! Finally, there are also tutors nightly in the library to help with any assignment needed. With this, we also want to be successful in sports. We have a strength and conditioning coach who helps prepare us for the season. With the support of our professors, coaches, teammates, and strength and conditioning coach, balancing school and sports here is easy to manage!

What is your relationship with your coaches like?

My head coach will always be a mentor for me. She has provided me with endless support throughout my time here at John Carroll. Whether it be some time to catch up on homework or to help me get through a busy day, she has been a rock for me here at JCU. Another mentor I look to is Dr. Andrew Welki, a faculty member who has added and is still adding something special to my John Carroll experience. He comes to many games, checks in on the team, but also makes sure we are succeeding off the field as well. Dr. Welki and I sit next to each other at 9 p.m. Mass every Sunday. The little five minute conversation before and after Mass and the sharing of Mass together are always highlights of my week. The little conversations are always filled with a fantastic quote to help me power through the week ahead of me. The best part about the relationship with Dr. Welki is that I have never had him as a teacher. This is amazing to me because I can have a relationship with a professor I have never had before, and he can make such an impact on my life! This shows that the professors and faculty members here are not just interested in teaching their classes, but also interested in getting to know the whole campus of JCU!

What’s “next” for you?

I plan on finishing out lacrosse for my final two years here at John Carroll. As an education major, I will be starting up pre-student teaching and student teaching during my senior year. After college, I am not sure where I will be, but the goal is to be a middle school math and social studies teacher. I also hope to coach a lacrosse team of my own!

What advice do you have for a high school student who wants to play a sport during college?

I would tell all high school students to keep their options open when looking into playing a sport in college. It can be very time consuming juggling different coaches and visiting all of the schools, but be patient! I did not have JCU on my top list of schools until January of my senior year. The right school will come your way. Finally, pick a school where you could see yourself going even if you did not play a sport there. We need to love the school for the school and not just for the athletics!