Scheduling Exams

Student Responsibilities:

  • The student and the instructor need to work together to determine when exams will be administered for each class. Some instructors prefer tests to be at the same time as the in-class test. Some instructors only specify a date for the exam.
  • The STUDENT is responsible to:
    • Notify SAS (in person, via email or by phone) that they need to schedule a test. This notification should be no later than 1 WEEK before the test is to be administered. SAS is not responsible for proctoring tests with insufficient notice. In these cases the student will be responsible for taking his/her test with the class.
      Include the date and time the test is to be given.
    • Come to the SAS office at the appointed time
      • Students who arrive late for their test may take the test, but WILL NOT be given time beyond that scheduled for the test (e.g. a test scheduled to end at 2:00 p.m. will end on time regardless of the start time if the student was late).
  • Bring ONLY standard testing supplies.
    • Books, bags, cell phones, papers, etc. may not be taken into the testing room. SAS is not responsible for belongings left in the office during or after the test.
  • Abide by university conduct expectations.
  • Remain in the testing room during the duration of the exam. The test will end when the student leaves the room.
  • Student must bring his/her own supplies we will not give pencils, blue books, scantrons, paper, etc. to students.

Instructor Responsibilities:

  • Complete the Exam Administration Form for each test to be administered.
  • Deliver (in person or via e-mail at or the test along with the Exam Administration Form to the SAS office 24 HRS prior to the test time.
  • Deliver any additional testing materials (charts, scratch paper, blue books, scantrons, etc. as part of the test.)
  • Choose to pick up the test in the SAS office after it has been administered or have it delivered to department mailbox by SAS staff