1. Apply and be accepted for admission at JCU. Students go through standard admission procedures and must enroll in classes to be eligible for consideration.
  2. Complete an application for SAS eligibility and return it along with documentation following SAS written guidelines.
  3. Once all paperwork is received, the file will be reviewed by the SAS Director. Students should schedule an appointment with the SAS Director to discuss their case and review any approved accommodations.
  4. New students are encouraged to apply for services at least 30 days prior to the semester in which they desire accommodations to allow SAS to process and review documentation.
    1. Outdated or incomplete documentation may delay approval. Please review documentation guidelines and ensure all necessary paperwork is complete before your appointment. If you have questions regarding your documentation or are considering being tested for a disability you are welcome to contact our office to discuss your case.
    2. The SAS Director will determine which, if any, accommodations may be made and will have review this with the student during the initial appointment.

A student is not considered registered with SAS until they have completed all application paperwork, approved intake/registration paperwork, and have had an appointment with the SAS Director.

Documentation Requirements