Welcome! Our staff is committed to helping you succeed at JCU. We can tell you about University resources that may be available to you, and help you determine if you are eligible for services from our office. SAS provides services to students currently enrolled at the University. In order to qualify for services, a student must send us general information as well as disability documentation from a healthcare professional. For details, see the links below.

Letters of Accommodation

Your letters of accommodation will be emailed to you directly once you’ve completed an LOA request. Please remember that you are in charge of taking a copy (print from email) or forwarding (via email) a copy of your Letter of Accommodation (LOA) and the exam procedures form to all professors. You WILL NOT begin receiving accommodations until you’ve personally made contact with your professors and provided them with a copy of your LOA. You cannot change any part of your LOA. If something appears incorrect please notify SAS immediately and we will resolve it.

Our office is here to help and guide students with disabilities through their college experience. If there is an area in which you are experiencing difficulty please make an appt. to see us right away. Have a wonderful semester and we look forward to serving you during the school year.