Faculty and staff have the right to:

  • Hold all students to the same essential course requirements and grading standards.
  • Request verification of a student’s eligibility for any requested accommodations. Such verification will be in the form of a letter written by SSD and delivered by the student directly to you. (Note: SSD is the only office designated to review disability documentation and determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations. Faculty should not view this documentation)
  • Consult with SSD staff regarding alternative accommodations.
  • Expect all students to observe academic standards and code of conduct as outlined in the course syllabus and University policies.
  • Expect the student to initiate accommodation requests.
  • Request that SSD administer exams in a secure and monitored environment.

Faculty and staff have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify and establish essential functions, abilities, skills, and knowledge of their courses and evaluate students on this basis. Students with disabilities should meet the same course essential functions as their peers.
  • Provide accommodations only to students who are registered with SSD. It is NOT your responsibility to provide accommodations to students who aren’t registered with SSD.
  • Use a syllabus statement and class announcements to invite students to disclose their needs.
  • Act immediately upon getting a student’s request for accommodations by providing the service or by contacting SSD (if unsure about request).
  • Work to ensure that all audio-visual materials used in class are accessible (e.g., that videos shown are captioned for students with hearing impairments, etc.)
  • Treat and protect all disability-related information as confidential medical information. For example, keep printed items, LOAs or emails regarding student disability-related information in a protected location.
  • Clearly communicate your testing procedures wth the student and with SSD by completing a Proctoring Exams form upon request.
  • Consult with students with disabilities and SSD in providing appropriate accommodations.

NOTE: Faculty do NOT have the right to ask students if they have a disability. For those students registered with SSD, faculty do NOT have the right to ask about the nature of the disability. If students choose to disclose their disability, this information should be treated confidentially.