Welcome New Faculty

New Faculty

John Carroll is proud to announce 18 newly
appointed faculty joining us this fall.

John Carroll University launches the 2017-18 academic year with 18 newly appointed faculty. The hiring of new professors and lecturers represents the University’s enhanced commitment to undergraduate teaching in Accountancy, Communications, Education, Marketing, Exercise Science, Sports Studies, and Supply Chain, as well as the Pre-Health Professions program. There is also a renewed focus on professionals seeking an MBA or other advanced degrees in areas such as Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

“We are intentionally focusing on bolstering the ranks of our faculty as part of our commitment to consistently provide an exceptional academic experience for our students, ” says Dr. Jeanne Colleran, interim president of John Carroll University. “Preparing students to pursue a successful life begins with the people whose mission it is to teach and empower.”

While appointments were made across a variety of disciplines, many were made to support areas of distinction within the University:

  • The Tim Russert Department of Communications and Theatre hired three new faculty. The department offers three tracks of study: Communication Studies, Digital Media, and Integrated Marketing Communication. The department is well-known for its JCU/NBC “Meet the Press” Fellowship.
  • The John M. and Mary Jo Boler School of Business hired two new faculty in the Department of Accountancy and five in the Department of Management, Marketing & Logistics. Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2016 “Best Undergraduate Business Schools” Employer Survey ranked the Boler School #1 in the nation on how well undergraduate programs prepare students for careers at their companies.
  • The Mike Cleary Program in Sports Studies hired two new faculty. The program focuses on planning, implementation and leadership across a wide diversity of athletic-related careers in college and professional sports management, coaching, recreation, and administration. John Carroll alumni provide a national network of administrators and coaches throughout the NFL, MLB, and NCAA who have opened doors for student internships and jobs.

Stacie AstroveStacy Astrove, Ph.D.

Management, Marketing, & Supply Chain | Boler School of Business
Assistant Professor

Dr. Astrove is an Assistant Professor of Management. Her primary research interests include developmental work relationships, misfit, and counterproductive work behavior.




Andrea Bianchini

Andrea Bianchini, S.J., Ph.D.

Physics | College of Arts & Sciences
Visiting Jesuit Scholar

Dr. Bianchini is a Jesuit seminarian and visiting scholar. His research field is experimental condensed matter; he is also interested in Mathematics, both abstract and applied, and Education.



Sebastian Brockhaus

Sebastian Brockhaus, Ph.D.

Management, Marketing, & Supply Chain | Boler School of Business
Assistant Professor

Dr. Brockhaus is an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management. Brockhaus’ primary research interests include sustainability in supply chain management.



Tahani Dari

Tahani Dari, Ph.D.

Counseling | College of Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor

Dr. Dari is an Assistant professor of School Counseling. Her scholarly interests are focused on advancing topics in school counseling, conducting community-based participatory research, and working with and advocating for diverse client populations.



Christina DeVoss

Christina DeVoss

Communication & Theatre | College of Arts & Sciences
Instructor (Ph.D. candidate)

Ms. DeVoss brings a blend of industry and academic experience to the classroom. Her research explores how features of new media technology affect users.



Rebecca Fang, Ph.D.

Mathematics & Computer Science | College of Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor

Dr. Fang has taught Mathematics, Statistics and Probability since 2008. Her primary research is in applied statistics such as statistical genetics and engineering statistics.



Joanna Garcia

Joanna Garcia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Boler School of Business

Dr. Garcia is a Certified Public Accountant (North Carolina). She is interested in archival and experimental research in taxation related to corporate social responsibility, corporate lobbying, tax policy, and the political process.

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Robert Giacalone

Robert Giacalone, Ph.D.

Management, Marketing & Supply Chain | Boler School of Business

Dr. Giacalone is the inaugural Raymond and Eleanor Smiley Chair in Business Ethics.  He also serves as the Director of The Ginn Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility. Dr. Giacalone has edited/authored 10 books and more than 160 articles on ethics and values, impression management, and exit interviewing.


Alina Marculetiu

Alina Marculetiu, A.B.D.

Management & Marketing | Boler School of Business
Visiting Instructor

Alina Marculetiu is a visiting instructor in Supply Chain Management. Her research interests include barriers of sustainable operations and supply chains.


Martina Moore

Martina Moore, Ph.D.

Coordinator, Substance Abuse concentration

Dr. Moore is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor- Clinical Supervisor. Read more >>


Sejung Park

Sejung Park, Ph.D.

Communication & Theatre | College of Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sejung Park is an Assistant Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication. Her research focuses on the strategic use of information technology from agency, corporate, and non-profit perspectives.



Arthur Petzel

Arthur (Tripp) Petzel, Ph.D.

Accountancy | Boler School of Business
Assistant Professor

Dr. Petzel is an Assistant Professor of Accountancy. His research interests include taxes on financial statements, tax policy changes, and capital markets.



Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds

Education & School Psychology | College of Arts & Sciences

Instructor (Ph.D. Candidate)

Mr. Reynolds is an instructor in Literacy Education. His research focuses on better understanding how instructional scaffolding can support high school students’ comprehension of complex texts.

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Anthony Tarescavage

Anthony Tarescavage, Ph.D.

Psychology | College of Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor

Dr. Tarescavage is a licensed clinical psychologist. His research centers on psychological assessment in health and forensic settings.



Kristen Tobey

Kristen Tobey, Ph.D.

Theology & Religious Studies | College of Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor

Dr. Tobey is a sociologist of religion who researches the dynamics and mechanisms of religious identity, community, and boundaries in the pluralistic context of the contemporary United States.



Kal Tuominen

 L. K. “Kal” Tuominen, Ph.D.

Biology | College of Arts & Sciences
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Tuominen’s primary interest in plant metabolism has allowed him to aid the development of plant growth hardware flown on the International Space Station.



Brooke Turner

Brooke Turner, Ph.D.

Exercise Science & Sports Studies | College of Arts & Sciences
Assistant Professor

Dr. Turner’s expertise is in leadership and gender issues related to sports. Turner was a college volleyball coach for ten years; while coaching she also taught graduate courses.



Doan Winkel

Doan Winkel, Ph.D.

Management, Marketing, & Supply Chain | Boler School of Business
Assistant Professor

Dr. Winkel is the John J. Kahl, Sr. Chair in Entrepreneurship, and Assistant Professor of Management. His teaching interests include creativity, innovation, lean startup, and new venture creation. Dr. Winkel’s research agenda focuses on entrepreneurship education. He also works on topics involving the work-life balance of entrepreneurs and business owners.



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