About the University


The numbers listed below are extension numbers. The department or office phone numbers will consist of this four-digit number preceded by 216.397.
Provost & Academic Vice President4207Administration Building, 1st Floor A, Room 1333089
Accountancy4393Boler School of Business, Bruening Hall, Garden Level3063
Accounts Payable4440
Admission (Undergraduate)
Freshman Students
Transfer Students
International Students
Part-Time Students
Transient Students
4294Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor4981
Admission (Graduate Studies, College of Arts & Sciences)4284Administration Building, 1st Floor A, Room 1251835
Admission (Graduate Programs, Boler School of Business)1970Boler School of Business, 1st Floor, SB1171833
Affirmative Action/EEO Officers4762/4976
Alumni-in-Admission4246Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor4981
Alumni Relations432 2Rodman Hall, 3rd Floor
Applied Ethics4466Administration Building, Garden Level A
Art History and Humanities1822Dolan W 1444388
Arts and Sciences, College of1844Administration Building, 1st Floor B3049
Assistant Deans4211Administration Building, 1st Floor B
Assessment and Planning4425Administration Building, 1st Floor, Room 133
Associate Deans Office4 219Administration Building, 1st Floor B
Athletics4416DeCarlo Varsity Center3043
Auxiliary Services3015
Audio Visual (See Instructional Media)
Band (See Music Arts)4498
Biblical Studies and Early Chrisitanity3087Administration Building 2nd Floor B4518
Biology4251Dolan Science Center, 2nd Floor West Wing4482
Bishop Pilla Program- Ital/ Amer Studies4558Administration Building, 1st Floor B, Room 1054653
Board of Directors1814Administration Building, 1st Floor, Room 1274901
Boiler House4407

Boler (John M. and Mary Jo ) School of Business
4391Boler School of Business, 1st Floor, SB1171833
Bookstore4411D.J. Lombardo Student Center, 1stFloor, Atrium Level1692
Bursar4494Administration Building, Garden Level A, Room 37
Business OfficeRodman Hall, 1st Floor3062

Campus Ministry
4717D.J. Lombardo Student Center, 1stFloor, Fritzsche Religious Center4929
Cardinal Suenens Center4991Administration Building, 2nd Floor A1771
Career Planning (See Center for Career Services)4237
Carroll News43981729
Cashier's Office (Student Service Center)4494Administration Building, Garden Level A, Room 371825
Catholic Theological Society of America1631Administration Building, Garden Level, Room 281804

Center for Career Services
42372563 South Belvoir Blvd.4348
Center for Service and Social Action4698Administration Building, Garden Level , Room 301661
Center for Global Education4320Administration Building, 1st Floor A, Room 1261661
Center for Leadership Skills1761Administration Building, Garden Level, Room A12A
Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion4185D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Suite 2021847
Center for Teaching and Learning4987Administration Building - B254 4934
Chemistry4241Dolan Science Center, 3rd Floor West Wing, Room 3011791
Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures4371O'Malley Center, 1st Floor4653
Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts4378O'Malley Center, Garden Level1759
Computer Help Line3005Rodman Hall, 4th Floor1734
Continuing Education30083009
Cooperative Education (See Center for Career Services)4237
Copy Center4670Administration Building, Garden Level A4916
Counseling1708Administration Building, 3rd Floor
Course Registration (see Enrollment Services Counselors)4294

Dean of Students
3010D.J. Lombardo Student Center, 2nd Level, Room 2074596
East Asian Studies6619Administration Building, Garden level, Room B 264376
Economics and Finance4508Boler School of Business, 2nd Floor1728
Education and Allied Studies4331Administration Building, 3rd Floor A3045
EMS (JCU) Emergency Medical Services1745
English4221O'Malley Center, 2nd Floor1723
Enrollment Division4294Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor4981
Enrollment Services Counselors4294Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor3098
External Affairs (Residence Life)4408D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Ground Level4919
Recplex, Ground Level4675
Boiler House4407
Carpenter Shop4480
Fleet Services4581
Maintenance Shop4407
Facility Scheduling4316D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Suite 201, Room H
Room scheduling/reservation1500
Faculty Dining Room1698
Financial Aid4248Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor3098
Fleet Services4581Recplex Ground Level
Food Service4552D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Cafeteria Level
Global Education, Center For43201847
Graduate Studies4284Administration Building, 1st Floor A, Room 1251835
Guard Houses
Gym Guard/Pool1610
Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)4249
History4366Administration Building, 2nd Floor B4175
Honors Program4677Administration Building, 1st Floor B4478
Housekeeping (SSC)4326
Humanities6672Administration Building, Garden Level, Room B 264175
Human Resources4976Rodman Hall, 1st Floor4933
Ignatian Spirituality Institute1599Administration Building, Garden Level A, Room 5
Infirmary (See Student Health Center)4349Murphy Hall
Information Technology Services4261Rodman Hall, 4th Floor1734
Institute of Catholic Studies4558Administration Building, Room 2364175
Institute for Educational Renewal3073Administration Building, Garden Level, Room 301805
Institutional Research4245
Administration Building, 1st Floor A, Room 1333089
Institutional Review Board (IRB)4250Administration Building, 2nd Floor,Room 2503089

Instructional Media Services
4710Grasselli Library1755
Help Line (for immediate equipment service)3005

Integrated Marketing and Communications
4321Rodman Hall, Room 3043085

D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Ground Level, Room 143083
Jesuit Residence4591Schell House 2520 Miramar Boulevard4228
Judicial Affairs (See Dean of Students)3010
Kulas Auditorium Stage4369
Language Learning Center1686

Legal Affairs
1590Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor , Room 2494901
Library4233Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center
Little Theatre Society43804256
Liturgical Music and Musical Arts4721
Lost and Found4600
Machine Shop4362
Mail Center4680Administration Building, Garden Level A4916
D.J. Lombardo Student Center4415
Maintenance Shop4407
Management, Marketing, and Logistics4386Boler School of Business, 2nd Floor4724
Mathematics and Computer Science4351Dolan Science Center, 2nd Floor East Wing, Room 2013033
Micro Computer Lab1660
Military Science44214070 Carroll Blvd University Heights, OH 44118
Mission and Identity1594Administration Building, Room 128
Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship4573Boler School of Business, 3rd Floor4915
Multicultural Affairs (See Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion)
Public Affairs/Relations (See Integrated Marketing and Communications )4321

Musical Arts
D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Ground Level, Music Room
Liturgical Music and Musical Arts4721
On-Campus Employment4248Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor3098
Philosophy1819Administration Building, Garden Level B1738
Physical Education and Exercise Science
Physics4301Dolan Science Center, 1st Floor East Wing, Room 1014499
Plant Services (See Facilities)
Political Science4311Administration Building, Garden Level B1738
Pre-Health Professions Studies1815Dolan Science Center, 2nd Floor West Wing, Room 2054376
President1836Administration Building, 1st Floor A, Room 1363089
Psychological Science‚Äč4355Dolan Science Center, 3rd Floor East Wing, Room 3011633
Purchasing4275Rodman Hall, 1st Floor
Radio Station (WJCU)D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Ground Floor4439
Reading EffectivenessAdministration Building, Garden Level A3052
Registrar6650Administration Building, 1st Floor B, Room 1023049
Registration (see Enrollment Services Counselors)4294
Religious Affairs (See Campus Ministry)
Religious Studies4708Administration Building, 2nd Floor B4518
Research Compliance1527Administration Building, 2nd Floor A ,Room 250
Residence Halls - RA office
Dolan A.4429
Residence Life4408D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Ground Level4919
School of Business (See Boler School of Business)4391
Security (See Campus Safety Services)4600Phone 24444
Services for Students with Disabilities4967Administration Building, Garden Level A, Room 7
Snack Bar - In Between4177
Sociology and Criminology4381Administration Building, 3rd Floor A4376
Sponsored Research4520Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 2503089
Sports Information4676
Student Activities4288D.J. Lombardo Stud ent C enter, Room 2071818
Student Affairs, VP4213D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Ground Level4907

Student Health Center
4349Murphy Hall1787
Student Union4230D.J. Lombardo Student Center, Ground Level1818
Student Union Programming Board1579D.J. Lombardo Student Center, First Level, O' Dea 31818
Switchboard1886Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor
University Advancement4345Rodman Hall, 3rd Floor
University Counseling Center42832567 S. Belvoir Boulevard4297
University Legal Counsel (see Legal Affairs)
University Operator (see Switchboard)1886
Veterans Affairs4947Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor4981
Work-study (see On-Campus Employment)
Writing Center4529O'Malley Center C207